Arcade Upcoming Removal

Jan 13 2021, 10:33 PM

If you are not using the Arcade system on the service, you can skip this announcement.

Adobe has blocked Flash content from running and is urging all users to uninstall it from their system. The Arcade Mod was deprecated at the end of 2019, with this notice from us:

The Arcade feature is deprecated as of 10/29/2019 because Adobe Flash is no longer supported as of 2020. For current arcades, please plan for its future removal some time in 2020. We apologize for the inconvenience

We announced that we did not have an intention in replacing the Arcade as it is not a popular feature of the service today. Most of our communities will not see any impact at all of this removal as a result.

With the official sunsetting of Adobe Flash, the arcade is officially unusable as of yesterday. Therefore; we will follow through with removing it in the coming week. This is a regular part of maintaining the service codebase and we're sorry to see the arcade go, but its time has come and gone.

Thanks for your understanding and support!