What happened to Jcink.com?

Feb 20 2006, 06:05 PM

For the past like two days, my host, HostUltra.com has been suspending me. Users were given "Forbidden 403: You are not allowed to access this site." since around 7oclock or something yesterday. This does not mean you were banned.

I went to Host Ultra support explaining I couldnt get into FTP anymore and the site was 403 forbidden.

Initially they told me that they had "screwed up everyones permissions" so the support staff there fixed my account from the 403 error - display again. OK, so I say thanks but tell them the FTP server is not working. The staff there once again was helpful, they actually upgraded the server for me to fix the problem they said.

And it was fixed. Great.

When I signed into my filemanager though I found files called ".suspended" and ".htaccess.suspended" inside them was the code:

RedirectMatch .* http://server5.hostultra.com/suspended.page/

I said thanks, but I asked why these files were on my site and told them they looked like suspension files. I told them I hadnt done anything bad to my knowledge, but I would like to know why they were there. The host himself replied to me with all in captial letters:



I never recieved ANY email, I checked all my email accounts. Finally I try loggin into cpanel again and this time it presents me with a screen stating I've been suspended for "excessive server resource usage" and that I have been emailed with details (NOTE: STILL no email is here)

This is a little weird, my bandwidth usage is only a QUARTER of what they give and my space is 1/8.

Whatever, so I see there's an unsuspend button so I hit and it took the chance to backup my site and move. My host ultra account will be re-suspended in 24 hours so I moved the entire site here. I'm still going to try to find out whats wrong but I think this may be it for host ultra for this site.

Everything is moved to freejcinkhosting, I'm still fixing it up and the links in the header dont work at the moment, probably broken links. Downloads and a lot of the main site are ALL up. The arcade is down, and so is the shoutbox service right now.

I'll be fixing it asap but this is what happened in case someone thought they were banned or we dissapeared or something,

thanks for your time,

Site Will Be Down For About A Half An Hour Maybe.

Feb 28 2006, 11:27 PM

I really have to upgrade the hosting software to:

- Apache version 2.0

It's a better version overrall, and the main reason I wish to upgrade to it is that I wish to install mod_security. This is a mod that will stop things like SQL injections on your website and on here. I realize IPB isnt totally safe anymore but this security update will patch MANY if not all of the discovered injections.

It stops the recent QuickArcade 2.x injections completely, and several IPB 2.0 injections so it makes this board safe once again. Its like an auto patch for every single script run on my host, so even if the author makes a mistake you have less of a chance of getting burned.

Pretty cool, and, also if anyone tries to exploit the services each and every attempt gets logged, and I think theres a way to have auto-ban if they try it too many times. So yeah, everyones safety will be greatly affected if I install this and it goes allright.

I already set it up on my laptop to test. Works just fine.

This is a little difficult, but I'll make it work as fast as possible. I already know exactly what Im going to do.

Next, I'll have to:

- Get latest Windows security updates

Not too hard but I do have to download em.

The Upgrade will start at like 12:00am EST so little will notice probably. But I am posting this message so people know in advance what happens.

thanks for your time,