Routing Issues [resolved]

Feb 28 2014, 02:20 PM

This has been resolved

This afternoon and morning a significant number of users are reporting on twitter and in the support forum that they are unable to access the service, while others can.

None of our status checkers indicated that the server was down or offline because it is currently not; however, certain IP addresses and ISPs are unable to access the service at this time.

This is an issue with our network provider and we're currently researching it further to find out what it is. We'll have more information for you as it comes to light and apologize for the inconvenience.


Domain Issues

Feb 20 2014, 02:54 PM

Due to Namecheap's downtime from a DDoS attack, some domains we have hosted with them are unavailable.

These domains include both and Attempts to access your board with either of those domains may result in a "cannot find domain" message or a "can't find server" message. Rest assured they both still exist, but cannot be resolved because of the DDoS attack on Namecheap (not us).

You can still access your board if you use either, simply visit is hosted with a different domain provider, so it's still online.

We'll keep you posted as to when this issue clears up, we may also try to redirect traffic away from Namecheap if need be. Keep an eye on and watch the twitter account feed for updates.

-Jcink Staff

Network Maintenance

Feb 17 2014, 12:59 PM

We have received the following notice from our Network/DDoS protected provider (BlackLotus/BL).

Highlighted in bold is the maintenance period.

During this maintenance, very brief interruptions to traffic are expected as traffic is re-routed. Timings are as follows:

Start: 17/Feb/2014, 8:00PM   U.S. Pacific

Stop: 17/Feb/2014, 11:59PM U.S. Pacific

Black Lotus (BL) network engineering will be conducting infrastructure maintenance that will impact all Los Angeles traffic in order to place two new MX960 edge routers into service and bring additional DDoS mitigation capacity online.

This is a 3 hour maintenance window, but does not mean total downtime. Just some connection drops here or there might occur as stated in the announcement.

Thanks for your patience!

Resource Forum Downtime

Feb 11 2014, 07:53 PM

Within the next two weeks there will be several hours of downtime on the Resource Forum.

During this time major changes will be applied to the forum including giving it a new primary domain for access. The other domains will remain directed towards it, however the new one will be the one we use when linking to the forum from the main site, as well as this one.

No accounts on the forum will be changed or altered, and no content will be being lost. Some things will end up resorted and moved around and we know this may cause some confusion for all users of the forum and service who access it. However in the end this is being done to better organize things and make it much simpler for members to access. We will give a warning post on this topic as well as on the Twitter and Facebook pages the day before we choose to shut the forum down for the larger changes.

If anyone has any questions about the future of that forum or wishes more details they may PM me, or contact Jcink and I at: