V3 Now Available To Public.

Mar 23 2006, 09:02 PM

Version 3.0 is finally available to the public! The arcade includes a ton of features, including the awesome tournaments by Sean.

The zip file: at end of this thread.

How to: Fresh install

-Upload all the files EXCEPT UpGrade.php.
-CHMOD the files that the install.php tells you to you.
- Fill out all the install info.

That's basically it. Arcade online.

How to: Upgrade from 2.4


Note: Please backup your arcade before upgrading. The SQL data and the files. I have only done this once before, and I believe it is working, as the current arcade on this host is upgraded.

STEP 1: Erase all files you have in your arcade, except /accounts/ , /skins/, /emoticons/, /arcade/ and arcade_conf.php other than that erase it all.

STEP 2: Upload the new files, being careful not to overwrite your arcade conf. From the /skins/ folder in the download, upload the /Default/ folder to the /skins/ folder on your server.

STEP 3: Run the UpGrade.php thats in the 2p4_Upgrade folder. Click the [start] then when the sql finishes, upgrade your account to admin with the admin hopper. then, destroy the upgrade file immediately! it will try to self destruct but may not because of file permissions. it will on my host, though, or should. wont matter.

STEP 4: Login, and visit AdminCP - > Go to the bottom and go to settings. Set up your settings, like turn on the shoutbox etc. Enter

jS F Y - h:i A

for date format.

STEP 5: You should be done. Your arcade should be up, and the skin you have should also be there.

If anyone has any problems please post here. Thanks.

And please, DO NOT PANIC.
In other news:

The arcade here is back online and all fixed up. Downloads are back up. I realized it looked run down but now everything is fixed. I might be adding more games soon too.

If you have any questions or problems, please post here.