Forum Reorganization

Mar 29 2008, 07:42 PM

The forums have been re-organized to be more clear, organized, and helpful for everyone.

I would like to point out that the services have feature request sections now for each one as a subforum in its section. From here on, suggesting features for the services and scripts should be done in those forums. You will find more information there about the changes for each when you visit. I have also tried to clean old threads that were no longer relevant.

If you have any questions/comments about the reorganization, feel free to post in the feedback section.


The Aftermath

Mar 21 2008, 06:37 PM

For those who don't know, we have been under DDoS, meaning distributed denial of service for the past 2 days. Finding a solution to block this attack on the server has been long and drawn out.

We believe at this point, the attack can be held off. Finally, all network settings are in place. The fact that you can read this message is enough to say that it's working now.

We really apologize for all of this. In the next post I will put a series of questions that you can read about this entire situation and what's gone on for the past 2 days. I also know that not everything is working properly, due all of these network changes. I'll fix them as I can.

Thank you all for sticking with us through these hard times.


EDIT: If your forum is getting a SQL Error, this is because of the DDoS attacks and Jcink will fix it as soon as he can. Usually refreshing works but there are some forums where it wont. Please do NOT PM Jcink or I about this issue as I will just point you to this topic wink.gif


Back Online

Mar 20 2008, 06:45 PM

We are back online after nearly 16 hours of being DDoS attacked.

New measures were put in place to deflect the attack, as it did not go away and it is still on going right now.

At the moment all services haven't been restored just yet, such as IRC and air proxy. Some parts of the forums still may not work but we will be keeping a close eye.

Further configuration will be necessary on the new firewall, so please bear with us as we work with it.

There is also still a chance that downtime will occur if things worsen, but for now the firewall we have installed is doing a very good job.

What you need to do now:

If you haven't, please update your domain IP addresses to: All and other jcink domains were updated about 2 hours ago now and have been, so your own domains may already be pointed if using CNAME.

It can take up to 24 hours for domain IPs to get re pointed, but if you're experiencing problems please post here.

I thank everyone for sticking with us through this issue, and I deeply apologize for what has happened.


Network Problems

Mar 20 2008, 02:41 AM

We are having serious network issues right now. At the moment, we are not completely sure of the exact cause but I am trying to keep everything online. We will keep you updated.

Apologies for any inconveniences.

IRC Channel Rules

Mar 4 2008, 10:13 PM

Today, rules have been outlined for our chat room/live chat section of the site. Please read them fully before participating in the chat. channel rules and regulations, in addition to all the / rules




Understand that the chat room is *not* a room for support. The chat room is an extension to

the community and social end of, and is not to be used for support queries.


Channel Operators/Admins


These users will be moderating the chat room in accordance with the chat room rules.

Please respect them. If you put them on ignore, or don't reply in a timely fashion

to their queries, then that is your problem and you may face consequences because of it.

Operators, admins, etc are designated by their icons in the chatroom.


Ground rules:


You will be issued 1 verbal warning to stop or never do said action again if you are found to be in violation of the rules.

Continue, and your punishment may result in a kick.

If you persist, a ban for any determined amount of time will be issued.

1. Do not spam. Pasting the same message over and over, flooding, etc. It's against network terms as well. Stupid messages can also count as spam, for example "Hi how are you", spammer: "lolol2ol423o43l2oo3o423l43l43ol SPAM", other guy: "I'm fine thanks", spammer: "ROFL N00BS u suk."

2. Don't advertise.

3. While mildy mature discussions are allowed in the chatroom, we ask that you don't post pornography, or anything obscene.

4. Swearing is allowed in the chat room, but don't overdo it.

5. Our policy on bots is that you cannot have them in the room unless you ask an op for permission. That includes auto responders or other bot-like features that you've added to your own client.

6. Nick changes are fine unless +N is on, but if you're constantly changing your nick, that could be considered spam. Don't use offensive nicknames as well.

7. Don't troll or flame. If you have personal issues with someone else, KEEP IT OUT OF THE ROOM.

8. Racist, and other discriminatory comments/content will not be tolerated. Period.

9. Don't ask for support on services. Support questions should be posted in the proper section on - the chat is not the place for them.

10. Don't ban evade if you have been. You're only risking yourself being glined from the entire server.

11. Report chat issues in private via /query to one of the OPs or email if you think there is improper conduct in the chat room. Logs of the conversation _must_ be provided. Don't report issues in the chat room itself, it will only start a flamewar.


End of rules. 03/04/08