Moved To Linux

Jun 19 2006, 03:10 PM

After about 2 weeks up and downtime, along with crazyness in the hosting, I finally have the server online and running on Linux. mariohappy.gif This means a lot for all people on this site:

Forum and main site users: Uploads should work now. The board should be a bit faster than before. In addition, try the wiki it's also faster. I'm still working on uploads, though. Basically though for you this site is improved in preformance and will be up more.

Hosting users: Your experience should be drastically improved. The speed for the free hosting is 100% faster, I tested it. Execution time for scripts is way down. Your FTP and everything else is the same, but simply the performance of these things is greater for you. No timeouts on large files. Not at all. It's at an extremely stable level.

Arcade service and shoutbox users: you shouldnt notice a difference really, except again speed, and no more timeouts.

No more lost posts, no more annoying "The connection has been reset." We're officially "done" with that garbage.

I apologize that I took so long get this done. I also thank everyone for their patience with me on this, forum people, banned people (<_<), services users, especially hosting, for sticking with jcinkhost the entire time.

I'm glad the move is basically finished, and that everything is working fine. Please report ANY bugs that you find and if you need help don't be afraid to post, email, or whatever. I'll be checking over the site a bit over the next couple days to make sure it's all working alright.

I also may need to quickly turn on windows again if I see I've forgotten something. Don't have anything I see missing yet, but I'm just letting everyone know. So if it goes down, or you see the server back to windows, that is why.

If you find any bugs at all, or something you think could be a bug, please post in this thread, email me at or hop on IRC @ and if I'm there, lemme know. I'd be glad to look into it and fix it up as soon as possible. It may need tweaks here and there that I am forgetting.