RSS Feature

Jul 24 2006, 09:55 PM

RSS syndication mod has been installed for all forums.

^How to use it, what is it, etc.

People on this board will notice the little orange light. Click & add it if you want to get the latest news from here. Or latest posts and whatnot out of forums.

Any help/comments post here.


Jcink Cards added to shop!

Jul 20 2006, 12:58 AM

Enjoy and buy them.

I wonder who will get the Space Invaders card ..?

Slight Outage

Jul 19 2006, 12:41 PM

Had a slight outage for about an hour. Lost power.

Backup Battery picked up, and ran for a while but still with no power and it not being fully charged, it died.

Back up now. (Obviously) Apologize for the down time.

Decided to Relocate Again

Jul 9 2006, 06:33 PM

I have decided to relocate our forums to just one again.

JFB, my board service, will be the new forums now.

JFB has a more centralized topic, and also by having all the support stuff moved to one section, it makes it easier and more nice and neat.

I apologize for moving yet again, but I felt like the main forums were going nowhere again. At least with these, I actually have some sort of topic, computer support, board support, & chat. Who knows, I'd like to give it a try.

I would like to ask that those coming from read the Global Forum Rules in discussion. Some rules are changed. There also isn't a spam forum, so you'll have to not spam. blink.gif Whether we will get one or not later depends.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you sign up to these new forums.

Global Forum Rules

Jul 9 2006, 06:18 PM


Forum Rules

Last Updated: May 25, 2008


I. General Forum Rules

I. No Flaming. IF you are caught flaming, aka name calling, swearing at the person etc then you will receive a warn. If you have been flamed, do not reply back with flames yourself (you can reply with something that is not a flame, but the best thing to do is let the admins delete the flames). If you do flame the person back just as badly, you might get a warn point as well.

II. If your topic gets deleted for being spam, then the admins have determined it as spam. If you feel your topic was really not spam, please PM an admin to talk about it, and please be civil. The admin may have mistaken your thread for spam. This board has strict no spam rules. We want to keep the site clean for good discussion.

Definition of SPAM:

1. Advertisements of any kind are not allowed to be posted on this board. We used to have an advertisement forum, but the concept of what could be posted there was a little too much for some users to understand. This forum has been removed and for now on advertising is not allowed on this board, other than in your signature and the website field in your profile.

2. Anything that even remotely doesn't have a meaning to the thread/or a thread that has no meaning. E.g. a topic about "Tacos" where the post says nothing but "Mmmm... tacos are teh leet lets EAT!" would be spam. However, a thread titled "Tacos" where a real recipe on how create home-made Tacos for real wouldn't be spam in most cases.

3. These rules may be amended to at any time, but offenses made before a rule is made are not counted.

4. Anything that doesn't contribute to the topic. Off topic posts, bumping old threads for no good reason, posting the same message over and over into other threads where it doesn't fit, posting a bunch of smilies, posting just a character or two of text, etc.

III. No Flooding. Flooding is creating mass amounts of posts ( 10+ ) in a matter of minutes, or continuously spamming the same message over and over again. Warns will be issued if you do so.

IV. No advertising, outside the ad forums.

V. No swearing. Also the word filters are not cover ups for you, they are to let you know the word you said is not acceptable to be posted here. Censoring swear words is not an acceptable way to bypass the rules. This also includes language which one can find offensive.

VI. No sexual content or sexual references. Period.

VII. No offensive material.

VII. Common courtesy is all that we ask. This is a volunteer operation. The administrators and moderators are giving of their time to make this a better board. They deserve our thanks and appreciation, and to be treated civilly. It is possible that one of the staff may make a decision that you disagree with. Alas, it is an imperfect world in which we live. If you feel an error was made, you can certainly email your opinion or question to an administrator or moderator, as long as you do it in a non-confrontational manner.

You may feel that your feelings were hurt, or that a decision was unfair. Keep in mind that we have to make decisions based upon the needs of the majority of our visitors, and that sometimes requires us to act in ways that may appear unfair to a particular individual. An individual may have goals or attitudes that will disrupt and destroy the benefits being received by others. That individual may even think that he is doing the right thing. And when he is banned, he may feel that the decision was not "fair." Very few decisions are fair from every perspective. The criminal thinks it is unfair that he has to go to jail at all, while many in society may think the sentence is not for a sufficiently long period of time.

VIII. We reserve the right to suspend or delete a user, or move/delete/edit a post, for any reason we feel necessary at any time.

IX. No Proxies allowed. Because we have had such a hard time with people abusing the use of proxies, we no longer will tolerate the use of them. We apologize for any inconveniences. Any member caught using a proxy on the forums will be banned.

X. Alternate accounts are against the rules. If you have to make an alternate account for a reason, such as testing or whatnot, let me know before you do. Making alternate accounts to ban evade, get more store points, cheat in polls, etc is NOT allowed so don't even ask me. Trying to come back with alt accounts from a suspension or anything else = instant ban.

XI. Users banned/suspended on the forums are banned from the chatroom. This rule takes effect as of midnight on September 20th, 2007. Banned users are not to reconnect to the IRC server that we choose and enter after this time.

XII. People are banned and suspended for a reason, please respect that. If your friend has been banned, we do not want to hear from him, so do not post on behalf of a banned or suspended user.

XIII. Moderator disputes are NOT to be discussed on the forum. If you were warned or a moderator preformed some action against you, and you feel it's outrageous, do not create drama within the forums about it, you'll just get another one, and another one depending how far you press. Moderator disputes should be personally addressed to either me, or the moderator in question.

III. Terms of Service

The terms of service should always be followed at every JFB forum. Read it here:

Welcome to the Grand Opening of JFB

Jul 3 2006, 10:59 PM


Over the past week or so I have been putting an immense amount of work hoping to make a unique IPB service with more and better features than other IPB hosts out there. I really hope that this service takes off and that everyone enjoys it. I've put a lot of time in rewriting pieces of the mods, IPB itself, and more biggrin.gif and also of course thanks to the modders of IZE for even creating these mods for 1.3; without them it would have been harder.

Here are some questions that I think should outline the goals of this service and why I began it. I also hope it may encourage you to join. I know there are lots of IPB hosts, so why is this so different? Well, I'll tell you:

1. This isn't just another "sebflipper multi forums host." I have hand-coded the entire signup system & recoded pieces of IPB.

2. We have better security. Mod_Security is installed at server level, and Pit's security mod is installed on the forum. This helps block brute forcing, which is how many forums are cracked.

3. Fun features, like trashcan, the shop, and the shoutbox. The store and shoutbox can even work together. Members online today and the auto PM new member are also great mods.

4. No feel of being trapped in. My goal is not to make you feel trapped here, so I allow MySQL toolbox access to download+optimize+backup your forum. I have modded out all unsafe areas of the toolbox so now you can just optimize, repair, and backup. By taking your own backups, you can essentially make your forum more secure if something happens.

4. Special admin permissions , grant admin only part of the ACP access, Very useful and also enhances security.

5. A tiny bit of a better banning system has been coded in.

6. A little bit more attachment space. It's currently unmetered.

7. Smaller ad, that's for sure, although there are some forum hosts that can match my ad size. I also know that while this is a bit of a downgrade, they arent blended ads. :-/ A color pick system is all I've got. Once I figure it out we'll have that as well.

Well, with no further babble, signups are officially OPEN! Thanks to SSS for testing the forum and finding bugs it was a good help. There still may be a few bugs so please visit the bugs area of support if you think you've found one.

And any questions feel free to ask.


JFB Board Server Admin