Service Interuption

Jul 26 2009, 12:42 PM

There was a service interruption from around 11:25AM to 12:30PM EST. An "HTTP Flood" attack hammered the service, causing downtime / slow pageloads.

I've dealt with the attack by blocking the IP addresses involved and walling off the IP range of an abusive internet provider (TurkTelecom) along with 20 other IP addresses I found were the source of the problem.

If anyone has any issues legitimately accessing the server, please email me at

Apologies for any inconveniences,


Webpage Maker Added

Jul 7 2009, 08:03 PM

The custom Webpage Maker is now complete. This is a new feature for Jcink Forum Boards that allows you to create your own webpages within your forums.

You can see the wiki page for information about it here: click here. The feature is located in the AdminCP under Skins & Templates titled "Webpage Maker."

This is also a dual feature release because the webpage files can be used as global wrapper bits. So, that feature has been added alongside this one, and you can read more about what those are and how to take advantage of them for your boards.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and any questions/bug reports/comments are welcome. smile.gif

Maintenance at 1:00AM-2:00AM

Jul 6 2009, 12:00 AM

There will be maintenance during or around this timeframe,

It is similar maintenance to last time. There are just a few cables that need be moved around again and it requires shutdown and reboot of our systems in order to complete the task. It should not take more than 5-10 minutes.

Thank you for your cooperation,


Happy 4th!

Jul 4 2009, 04:39 PM

Happy 4th of July weekend to all, have a great holiday!

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