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Jul 22 2013, 06:55 AM

Today we have released a major extension and upgrade to the sub-accounts feature, a multiple account management mod that we coded customized specifically for our service.

With sub-accounts, you can link other accounts to a primary one for easy access and management via switch capability. But now, you don't have to switch out to perform posting certain tasks.

Effective now, if you have sub accounts enabled (you don't need to do anything!):

  • Post a new topic/reply as a sub account of your choice from ANY of your sub accounts within a family.
  • Edit any post within your sub account family (e.g. sub1 and sub2 are part of the same tree, sub2 can edit posts by sub1)
  • Board Administrators have a special option to "Enter username..." where they can edit or change any post's author to something else, or post as anyone. This action is cleanly logged in the Admin CP. Other users do not have this ability.
This feature eliminates the need to switch out of a parent account into a sub to make a post. Or from a sub account into any other within the family. It also allows self-correction of posts in the event that a user posts under the wrong account accidentally, which saves administration time.

Further details on functionality:

  • Drop down menu when making a new topic / reply with sub account options to post as when logged in under parent.
  • Drop down menu when logged in while editing a post under a parent account with options to change the account it was posted under
  • Correctly increases postcount of chosen account during posting.
  • Updates last post and activity time in profiles so the account shows up on the logged in today list and stays an 'active' account in the system without ever having to log-in.
  • Edit posts of your sub accounts from another account in your family.
  • Changing out a poster when editing it decreases postcount and adds to the postcount of the swapped user if postcount is enabled for the forum.
  • Proper permissions checking is done - users cannot post as other accounts where respective read/reply/start are not allowed.
  • Fast reply support
  • Mobile mode supported with all of the above!


user posted image

user posted image

Thanks to everyone who helped beta test this in our development forum. We realize there could still be bugs; if you notice any issues or have any suggestions or comments, please report them to us. The development topic is here and remains open to report bugs or problems.

Thank you. Forums Team

Scheduled Upgrade

Jul 3 2013, 06:48 PM

At 3:00AM EDT on July 5, 2013 we'll be installing a memory upgrade to the server.

This should be a quick process; we are simply removing the old modules and installing all new ones quadruple our current capacity.

More memory = faster speeds for you.

The server will be powered off in order to complete the update.

We estimate no more than 15-30 minutes of downtime maximum. This is an extremely simple procedure that we've done in the past with no issues.

As always, follow us on for updates.