DDoS Attack

Aug 12 2010, 03:34 AM

At around 9PM we suffered a very serious DDoS attack against our network that is still ongoing. The site is being put online because we've been able to diffuse some of the flames. We know who is responsible and are working on bringing some justice on that front as well as trying to improve things on our end.

I apologize deeply for the downtime. These people do not have regard for how many users they're causing pain for and I will be doing something about it.

Please follow us on twitter ( http://twitter.com/jcink ) for further updates.

The graph shows the attack but at the time of this posting it is dropping off.

Server Upgrades

Aug 2 2010, 01:50 PM

Tuesday at around 3AM-5AM EST (maintenance window) we will be performing some needed upgrades to the server's hardware. While we perform the upgrades we will try to perform a few backup related procedures as well. Total downtime will be around an hour or less. In general, these should be painless and easy upgrades.

You can follow us on twitter for any extra information during the maintenance process: