QA 3.0.18

Sep 29 2006, 12:53 AM

PHPQA 3.0.18 is here!

This includes some minor bugfixes and a new tar import feature. Makes use of Sean's untar function (see in the script) biggrin.gif and I basically just wrote the adminCP area.

PHPQA service users need not worry about the below updates. They've already been applied and the service is running 3.0.18.


You can easily get the below updates by overwriting your:



And making a /tars/ folder in your root. CHMOD it 777.

For manual updates see this post:

Files url:


Box2 and Box1 Fixes

Sep 25 2006, 06:15 PM

I fixed some stuff on box2 and box1, login errors etc... box1 was especially messed up admin-cp wise. I was unaware of this so I apologize.

Both box2 and box1 are (should now be) equal as I've copied files over. Updated support links in both and removed any dead links I found.

Again also, box1 users -- you can now login and get your new code. url is gone today. So please login and get your new code. biggrin.gif

Any problems you find please post here or email me. Thanks.

Projects pages updated + QA

Sep 17 2006, 11:56 PM

Updated some of the projects pages to be nice and neat, also QA for IF and JFB forums is out.

Code Name: PHP-Quick-Arcade version 3.0

Description: A full featured arcade for your site.

Preview of it in Use

You must login with

name: demoboard

pass: demoboard

Where it goes: Various areas in the wrapper

Your code here: See post.

Copyright:: 2005-2006. JS and Tournies Created By SeanJ.

Updates include:

  • JS to recognize name and champs (by Sean)

  • Untarrer function, to untar the files written (by Sean)

  • Ability to upload to imageshack/mvps from the ACP automatically with Tars (Jcink)

  • PHP to register the names in the forum (Jcink)


user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Main site:

How to get:

1. Sign up:

2. When you sign up click "Get code for IF"

3. Paste a few easy codes

4. Visit your forum. Hit your newly added "Arcade" icon in the header.

5. It will register you and log you in. Note that internet explorer users will have

problems staying logged in, PLEASE configure your cookies to lower settings, thanks.

6. Once you view it, logout and login as "Admin" and "Admin." Promote your forum name that just got registered, to admin position from the members area of the adminCP.

Demote the user Admin, or change their password in the control center.

7. Refresh the forum ?act=Arcade page and you should be logged in as your forum name, but as admin now. Go to the adminCP and under skins paste your IPB skin. It will work.

You're finished. Enjoy the arcade.

Support can be gotten at and this thread.