Features & Bug Fix Summary

Sep 10 2021, 11:16 AM

This is a summary of features and bugs fixes that have been completed in the last few months.

We have organized them into a list for quick and easy overview.

New Features:

  • Syntax Highlighting for Code Editors **(still under beta testing, but stable for use) [feature]
  • *.webp image files allowed in filemanager [feature]
  • <!-- |points| --> variable added to the Profile template [feature]
  • <!-- |starter_avatar| --> and <!-- |starter_avatar_url| --> in Topic Row templates [feature]
  • #poll-data and #poll-form added to polls in-topic HTML template [feature]
  • Editable by member status shown on Custom Profile Field index [feature]
  • <!-- |class_new_post| --> added to Topic Row template. [feature]
  • <!-- |starter_g_id| --> <!-- |last_poster_g_id| --> added to Topic Row template. [feature]

Bug Fixes:
  • Mod CP - Edit User area did not show field descriptions [bug fixed]
  • The award item in the store will not give a blank reward if the user does not type a description. "Type the default message here:" is now stand alone. [bug fixed]
  • Imported full skin sets will now replace http://files.b1.jcink.com with https://files.jcink.net
  • <!-- |last_poster_avatar_url| --> did not work with gallery avatars [bug fixed]
  • Registration page password icons broken (replaced with entities) [bug fixed]
  • No auth_key for comment form in Main Profiles, required for custom comment forms. [bug fixed]
  • Last Post subscription sorting did not allow day selection or 'show from beginning'. [bug fixed]
  • <!-- |description_clean| --> blank output rather than HTML-clean description in subforums [bug fixed]
Other Changes:
  • IbProArcade removed per adobe flash sunsetting and deprecation schedule.
  • COPPA form and tax/phone number form option removed
  • Simplified 'Content Restriction' gateway to utilize a checkbox rather than dropdown for age verification
Best regards,

John & the JFH Team