New Skin

Oct 31 2006, 11:21 PM


I have been working for a couple of days on this new skin, I have been wanting to make a white, fresh new style for the site for a while now.

I've been with the old black skin for the past two years or so, maybe more, and I thought it'd be great to do something new. biggrin.gif This is the first time I've ever really had a white default skin, too, in the entire site history.

Also, please give a thanks to my brother, Jeff, without him this skin wouldn't look half as cool as it does. He did all the images himself, especially touching up the gradients and new posts marker.

Anyway, I know the skin is not perfect yet and probably has a bug here or there. If you find anything please report it here. Also, give me feedback on the skin; try it for a good while and see how you like it. I understand that the first reaction going from a dark skin to one like this can be a little tough, but please give it a chance biggrin.gif

I also know that there's probably going to be some people who just hate this skin no matter what. I will get the PHPQA skin added as an optional skin in a few days.

One final thing, you've probably noticed instantly. Where are the name colors? They're all still stored on this forum, on a wrapper copy. But when I put them on this new style, not all of the name colors looked very good anymore. This doesn't mean death to name colors; but you guys might want to pick out some new ones that won't look invisible or hard to read on this new skin. Test name colors if you want by just posting a new thread in spam or something.

Comments, suggestions, questions, feedback, etc all appreciated, post here about it. Thank you.

Daylight Savings Time Fallback

Oct 29 2006, 01:47 AM

This forum, and some other forums are currently having daylight savings time issues. I am not sure if they're solved, but I think I fixed it. If anyone is still having problems, please post here. Thanks.

This forum is on time.


If it is not on-time for you,

Check your ACP >> System settings >> date & time formats. Uncheck the daylight savings time thing.

Members, if it's not on time for you, go under My Controls->Board Settings and adjust your time there.

Forum Organization

Oct 27 2006, 01:45 AM

Well, I've decided to do a tiny bit of organizing. I added some new forums as well that I thought were missing.

I took the whole JFB category and stuck it into Services and Projects, you can find the whole support, docs, and everything for it there now. There's guidelines on submitting docs too.

For the PHPQuickArcade forum I added "Mods and Codes" back, as well as a game requests forum.

I cleaned up the projects skins area, added some guidelines, made some notes on compatibility there as well.

And finally, in code snippets, I added a forum called Projects in Production.

I added this forum, for you to post your own projects and things you're working on. I did it because know there's plenty of people here working on things of their own, and rather than see it posted in internet - serious business, figured I'd just make a new forum. So go ahead and post there to advertise your project, get ideas, or feedback.



Jcink Classic Skin Cleaned up...

Oct 13 2006, 01:28 AM

Small update; Jcink Classic Skin has been cleaned up and is now in the skins area. You can switch to it under "Skin and Languages" if you want. Also I cleaned up a lot of the skin images around this forum, and you'll notice the posticons don't have an ugly white border.

Any bugs with the skin updates please let me know, thanks.