Happy New Year 2009

Jan 1 2009, 12:41 AM

Happy new year 2009 to everyone at Jcink.com

As we enter a new year, we wish everyone the best.

Have a great year!


  1. iLLoNyX Says:

    Meh, lets hope this one's better then the last!

  2. Jcink Says:

    This past year wasn't great in a lot of aspects, I admit, but there's hope for 2009. But even if you're in a crappy spot, you'll get out. Just takes time.

  3. Gunblaza Says:

    wanna make it 2009? lol.

    And happy new year everyone!

  4. Jcink Says:

    Ugh I'm stupid, I just saw that now.

    I have so many IM conversations open that I got confused when I made this.

    I'm amazed how many people are online right now actually, I hardly expected it

  5. Gunblaza Says:

    lol its New Years! Everyone is up!

  6. Royce Says:

    Happy New Year, everyone~

    This years already turning out better for me than last.

  7. Jcink Says:

    QUOTE (Gunblaza @ January 01, 2009 01:10 am) lol its New Years! Everyone is up!

    Yeah but I didn't think that many would be online

  8. Taylor W Says:

    Well I have work in the morning, so I wont be heading out anywhere tonight lol.

  9. BBgamer Says:


  10. thbp Says:

    happy new year every one

  11. Emporer Joe Says:

    Happy New year Every one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Should Auld Acquantince be forgot and never brought to mind,

    We'll sit and have a glass my fellow jcinkers FOR AULD LANGE ZINE

  12. MisterKalas Says:

    Happy New Year everyone!

  13. Leon Says:

    Happy New Years guys. =]

  14. ArcJuxsists Says:

    Let's hope that this year promises safety to everybody of the community as well as new members or visitors. Also, the hope that some of the old members come back.


  15. Leon Says:

    Any new things to except for the new year for the JFB software?

  16. Jcink Says:

    Sure. Nothing specific though but it'll be another year of nice features. Mod CP Revamp, for example.

  17. Chip_J Says:

    You mentioned a while back a Admin CP revamp

  18. Jcink Says:

    Yeah, but I never said it'd be done in 2009 or when really.

    I'd love to do it, but I don't know if that can be done this year. That is larger than life huge. It all depends on how things play out. This is shaping up to look like a really busy year for myself, so getting that done may or may not be possible. There are also other features to tend to which are still not done, and should be completed before any of that work starts. Would be cool if that happened though.

  19. thbp Says:

    yeah like maybe make it like phpbb? or give it a skin? whatcha meen revamp?

  20. Swim Chick XO Says:

    Happy New Year!!!!!

  21. Jcink Says:

    QUOTE (thbp @ January 02, 2009 10:13 am) yeah like maybe make it like phpbb? or give it a skin? whatcha meen revamp?

    It's a newer style, not just a new skin. I don't have a lot of details because nothing's really been planned for it, it's all just thought.

    But anyway this topic probably isn't the best for this.

  22. The Majestic Goldfish Says:

    Woo happy new year! I'm already stoked for 2010!

  23. iBaLLiN Says:


  24. chakka Says:

    happy belated new year all ^^