Sep 4 2009, 07:35 PM

The new version of the site has been launched:

Please feel free to beta test pages out and let me know here if you're having trouble.

As always, understand that it's a proxy site - not all features of pages are going to work. Pages are also loaded with javascript -disabled- when they run through the proxy, so imagine browsing sites like that.

You can post here if something isn't working and I'll confirm if that can be fixed or not.



  1. Kitty Says:

    The url you posted has a semi-colon, btw.

    Not a problem, and I don't know if this is new... but I like the youtube, and the ability to download the file. Nice job.

  2. Jcink Says:

    It's not new but it has been fine tuned a bit to run smoother, and you can also watch high quality videos now (not HD though). Good to hear.

  3. Kitty Says:

    Flash player doesn't work on Addictinggames. Didn't try other sites.

  4. posiden5665 Says:

    QUOTE The url you posted has a semi-colon, btw.

    its meant to be there to specify a port

  5. Kitty Says:

    QUOTE (posiden5665 @ September 04, 2009 06:54 pm) QUOTE The url you posted has a semi-colon, btw.

    its meant to be there to specify a port

    Yeah, I know, but in place of the colon there was a semi-colon. He edited it.

  6. Jcink Says:

    QUOTE (Kitty @ September 04, 2009 07:51 pm) Flash player doesn't work on Addictinggames. Didn't try other sites.

    Yea, never seemed to work on the old version either. Needs some sort of custom hacking to get it to work, it's like they broke proxies from being able to use their site or something. :\

    Though, thanks.

    Try that seems to be fine for me.

  7. DerVVulfman Says:

    I have an increased amount of lagtime at work when I use it. What used to be a one second delay can now be a five to seven second wait... sometimes not even bringing up the page but ending with a blank white page. And in some cases, this can mess up saving long posts. Something of about 5 or 6 lines of text may be saved, but not anymore because of the delay.

    I switched back to the old one and had no problem saving the posts.

  8. Jcink Says:

    Interesting, I guess it varies from computer to computer. Granted, this is understandable because the processing is being done client side now to stop our server from getting crushed all the time.

    I've had no problem pasting long lines of text, I tested it with

    However, sending posts has ALWAYS been a bit slow of a process on air proxy - I wonder if it's just more noticable now because of the loading thing. When a post is made, it has to go through a series of IP addresses, that can take up to 30 seconds sometimes to get something done, or as short as 2. This setup is in place on the old AND new

    I'm wondering what the specs of your computer at work are, if you know them.

    Edit: took me 26 seconds to pastebin this message to and about the same amount of time on the old one. only difference is i actually knew the new one was still loading.

  9. Jcink Says:

    So far so good it appears with the beta, at least from the server end... not seeing the same problems I used to.

    In some related news however, today and yesterday the proxy was getting pounded with tons of traffic like I have never seen before... as a result of an entirely different series of events that occurred. the site got some interesting exposure to say the least. Don't know if I should go into it any further.

    Anyhow, I had to deal with the fact that the server cap was set to only allow 256 requests (and look at how many were being thrown at us), and changed it to handle the load. This was causing a few problems earlier today... but all is well again.

    If nothing else, this is at least a testament to the fact that this system and the server can without a doubt withstand higher loads and more traffic than the old one... had this been the old system, it would have died completely under all the pressure. I realize the new one is still not quite perfect but we'll get there. the timing for this release could not have been better

  10. DerVVulfman Says:

    Not just me having the same problems. Sorry.

    ==Discussion when a security device noted two members used the same IP address==

    ==It's from the staff section. I'm staff.==

    QUOTE (Olivia)maybe you work at the same workplace?

    QUOTE (DerVVulfman)Only two other people at work with me in the store. PG County, Maryland.

    QUOTE (Billy Murder)School blocked this website so I used this proxy. 'Lo and behold, Derv uses it too! Hey Wulfman, I'm having trouble getting to the topics through this "new version" of Air-Proxy so I'm using an old one.

    QUOTE (DerVVulfman)Air-Proxy? At work. Work blocks the extensions. *shrugs* The other proxy service/site Olivia gave me 'got blocked' and as of now isn't even there.

    Yeah, the new version annoys me too. I think it's the combined new feature and the 'anti-spam delay' of this forum.

    QUOTE (Olivia)lmao, that's...interesting.

    Well, why don't you guys set different proxies. I may have to be using on soon next monday due to college. ;D

  11. Jcink Says:

    Well, the old one will hang out for a while longer... but eventually it'll be pulled. So far, from my own statistics I'm not seeing all that many people switch back so we can sustain traffic on the old one for now.

    The problem is that either I keep the new one and work on the bugs, or may as well just close the service. Another year of it getting over-loaded/crashed by school kids isn't going to work out because there are too many people who know about the site at this point. I had absolutely no choice but to change the architecture.

    What topics are you guys speaking of anyway - is it your forums or something? If possible I'd love to give it a run myself.

  12. DerVVulfman Says:

    There is a delay feature installed to prevent spamming, but the old version of Air-Proxy doesn't have any problem.

  13. Jcink Says:

    Looks like they use MyBB. I'll do a trial run on a test MyBB install and see if the same thing happens so I don't spam up their board.