Server Issues

Apr 20 2012, 03:10 PM

We're aware at this time of some network/server issues that have cropped up.

You may notice messages such as:

  • The connection has been reset
  • Half/dragging pageloads
The problem is being worked on as fast as we can. There is nothing wrong with the boards or server itself, it is related to anti-DDoS attack mitigation that we installed. In the meantime you may need to refresh a few times to get the pages to load. The problem varies from user to user.

I will continue to keep everyone updated in this topic.

We apologize for the inconvenience.



  1. Jcink Says:

    I don't have any news at the moment to report, I realize the problem continues but I have been unable to resolve it.

    I am working on transitioning to a new provider over the weekend.

  2. Jcink Says:

    This is still being worked on, no new updates to report at this time.

  3. Jcink Says:

    We have the new mitigation system in place and have been tuning it all weekend. There are still some problems with it picking up false positives but we're almost good. I expect to have this fully resolved over the next few days.

  4. Jcink Says:

    A lot of tweaks have been made over the last several days.

    We almost have this set to a good level.

    Thanks for all of your patience during this time.

  5. Jcink Says:

    There are still some problems unfortunately at this point with the filtering being too tight... if you are affected please do email us at and I will check into it for you. It is a tedious process to find the right balance but I am confident that we will have this problem solved soon.

    Apologies to anyone affected.


  6. Jcink Says:

    Big adjustments were made yesterday that were severely affecting images loading in IE and Safari browsers (including mobile).

    These issues have now been fixed.

    If you are experiencing any trouble with these browsers, let us know.