Skin Installer

Feb 10 2007, 03:06 PM

As some of you may have noticed, The new skin installer is installeduser posted image. Now, any skin that is on the JFB Skin Z0n3 can be installed on your forum in a single click. Theres a preview for each skin also.

Thanks goes to Jcink for making the script. I have compiled all the skins and put them together.

If you would like to see some installed, Please add a request at the JFB Skin Z0n3.


  1. Architect Says:

    What happened to the copyrights from the original skins? <_<

  2. Skullmonkey Says:

    Kmans site was old and discontinues so i removed his, But I just added them again with a working link.

  3. arkay Says:

    Excellent contributions skullmonkey.

  4. Hamlin Says:

    couldnt agree more

  5. Rush Says:

    Yea I Saw This.....NICE...

  6. Skullmonkey Says:

    I can say its a first

  7. Eklipz Says:

    dude thats a great idea nice job

    but i would love to see more high quality skins

  8. Jcink Says:

    Well the main thing is permission has to be gotten from IFSZ people I believe to add certain skins, so yeah, over time it will recieve more skins.

  9. Eklipz Says:

    ummm if you guys need help or dont have the time to install a skin im willing to help cus is getting better and better as days past good job jcink and skull monkey

  10. Skullmonkey Says:

    I am asking the respective owners of all the skins if it is ok to install them. Out of 3 that i have asked, 1 has replied.

    If you want me to request a skin, Please post a topic at the JFB Skin Zon3 in its respective place and ill see what i can do.

    Thanks T.D.

  11. Eklipz Says:

    no problem man im just glade that u guys added a script like that its real helpful for the guys who are lazy to upload all the images and such

  12. WCW4Life Says:

    Say Skull, I've been getting some complaints on the skins that are availible now, and I'm thinking, could it be because it's Internet Explorer 6? And that code in the skins for the bug fixer isn't in the skin codes?

    What would happen if you don't have that code in the skins? If they're symptoms, maybe I could see if they match with the problem i have with my members who use Internet Explorer.

  13. Skullmonkey Says:

    For some reason, Its IE in general. Everything looks fine in FF but everything in IE is centered...

    I currently dont know a fix for this ATM, but im looking for it.

  14. Eklipz Says:

    dude skull i sent you a sulotion like two days ago on how to fix the skin that im using now

    check ur Pm man

  15. Skullmonkey Says:

    That doesnt fix the centering problem though. I just checked it.

  16. Eklipz Says:

    yea i know but it still works

    just delete the last border and add a new one in

  17. iBaLLiN Says:

    Add more skins.

  18. Skullmonkey Says:

    I have a skin request section at the Skin Zone but i ask permission from the owner of the skin before i actually put the skin on the installer and most of them turn me down.

  19. Eklipz Says:

    skull you know how to code skins?

    cus i can make skin graphics but i cant code it

  20. Candor0 Says:

    QUOTE (T.D @ March 05, 2007 02:50 am) skull you know how to code skins?

    cus i can make skin graphics but i cant code it

    There are many skin generators online that are able to use images made by you. Take a look at them, or try editing a base skin such as the IPB default skin, that way you can do most of the coding and people can help you along the way if needed.

  21. Skullmonkey Says:

    QUOTE (T.D @ March 05, 2007 01:50 am) skull you know how to code skins?

    cus i can make skin graphics but i cant code it

    Yes i do know how to make skins. I cant do the images. The skin that I made and would like to se images for right now is Lithosphere.

  22. Eklipz Says:

    so would you accept if i send you images and you just code them and add them in the importer?

  23. Skullmonkey Says:

    Yea, Ill do that.