Ad Changes

Sep 29 2008, 12:00 AM

You might’ve noticed that google ads show in the topic layout now by the post buttons. We will be testing these, and possibly some new ad placements over the next week. To put it in simpler terms, I’ll just be honest: google hasn’t been doing as well. Obviously the state of the economy right now probably does not help Google either. This wouldn’t be such a problem except for the fact that I’m looking to invest in a better network provider in the next two weeks. I’m getting a little tired of the current provider’s antics which I’ll go into detail about in a later date for anyone who really wants to know.

We need a new one at this point, but it’s more expensive. The service needs to generate a little more revenue than it is currently to do that. Ad changes will make sure it’s always covered.

Before anyone gets any ideas, no, I’m not looking to flood all the sites with annoying ads. That is NOT my goal; don’t expect popups or anything crazy like that. And no, I’m not going “bankrupt” or anything else either, and this isn’t the “end of the service soon” or anything like that. I’m only mentioning those things because I know some people have a tendancy to freak out about wonder what’s going on under the hood, but those are the facts, straight up from me. Obviously there will be changes in the ads such as the ones in topic, or changed positions, but I’m going to try to keep everything as unobtrustive as possible and find what works best. I don’t like having a forum with annoying ads just as much as the next person, so actual thought is going into this. In fact, the topic ad change is actually pretty traditional of most forum hosts now and seems to be widely accepted, so that’s what is being done first.

By the way, obviously if you pay for Ad Removal and have it turned on, then you can just ignore this post. In addition, even if we add something such as the topic ad, you will not be charged additional views or anything like that, so everything will be the same there.

I’ll see what works and does not, and your feedback is ALWAYS welcome on this post during the tests — after all, you guys are running the forums. Keep it constructive and we’ll take note of it. smile.gif


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