+1 Premium Additional Forum

Mar 20 2016, 09:34 PM

+1 Premium Additional Forum

We have enhanced our Premium Service by allowing one more additional forum to be added to every premium plan. This is effective immediately as of this post for both current and new subscribers.

Premium Service plans now supports up to 5 forums total, with 1 being primary and 4 being additional. We have updated all of our documentation to reflect this as well, please see the premium promo pages.


Premium Management Changes

We have made major changes to some aspects regarding management of Premium Service to give you more control.

  • When you remove a forum from your additional boards, you can choose to either make it independent requiring a subscription of its own to continue or downgrade it to the free service automatically.
  • When you cancel premium on a primary board, you can downgrade the primary board fully to the free service automatically.
The above options were always possible, but used to necessitate submitting a support ticket to complete -- you would have to wait, but this is no longer necessary. http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif

Thanks for your continued support and enjoy the added benefits!

-JFH Staff

Rescheduled Network Hardware Upgrade

Mar 13 2016, 10:39 PM

Last week, we attempted a Network Hardware Upgrade. While we were successful at getting the unit in place and setup, we were unfortunately unable to complete the final steps necessary to deploy it live.

We're allotting a 2-hour maintenance window to attempt the final step required to make the switch to this hardware. Please follow us on twitter to keep up to date on the most recent status. The time of the maintenance attempt will be this Wednesday, at 1AM EST.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience,

- JFH staff

Network Hardware Upgrade

Mar 6 2016, 01:30 PM

On Thursday, March 10th, 2016 at 1:00AM EST we will be installing newly purchased network hardware capable of 2 million+ PPS, with the intent to retire out the system we're currently using.

We believe that this upgrade should go smoothly and should not take more than 15-20 minutes at most. Everything has been preconfigured to be a 'drop in' replacement with only a couple adjustements. However, we're allotting a 2-hour maintenance window just in case.

This upgrade will be mainly transparent to you and your users as these are more internal changes.

Thanks for your patience and support! We can always be reached on twitter @ http://twitter.com/Jcink


Imgur Images and JFH

Feb 9 2016, 04:22 PM

If some of your images hosted on Imgur are not loading, it is because they have banned our service from using the images.

QUOTE (Imgur)
The terms of service can be found at http://imgur.com/tos. We don't allow hotlinked images being used as content for other websites.

Imgur did not reach out to us specifically about this, the message was passed on from one of our customers inquiring why their specific RP forum domain name had been blocked. This was done to them without any warning. As a result of this inquiry, they proceeded to block our entire domain name as well without notice.

In review of the current Terms of Service at Imgur, this has been made clear per the following:

QUOTE (Imgur ToS 2/9/2016)
...don't use Imgur to host image libraries you link to from elsewhere, content for your website, advertising, avatars...

This would exclude many usage cases on forums. If you have anything hosted on Imgur for your forum on JFH or any other board, we'd recommend rethinking it in light of this.

Read more about the file manager here: http://jcink.com/main/wiki/jfb-filemanager

Our recommendation at this point is to transfer all of your images on imgur to the JFH File Manager. It's free and really easy to use. If you're a premium user, you get 2GB of space for images and other content, and a 15mb file size limit. In the coming week, we will likely be increasing the storage limits as well. Most of you are not hosting anything that would not fit within either the current free or premium space limits, but we're going to give you a little extra space anyway

We will also be looking into forming any possible partnership(s) with image upload services that are willing to cater to certain needs of forum users, as Imgur apparently no longer wishes to do so.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


PM Spam

Jan 16 2016, 07:21 PM

You might have gotten a PM today from a user on the support board who sent a message titled "You won prize from Jcink.com" with a fake link to a prize page to multiple users. Please disregard this message, these manual spammer(s) have been banned and dealt with.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


IP Address Change - Domain Names

Apr 13 2015, 01:10 AM

If you have a domain name for your board, and are not using CNAME records (which you should be) to be automatically updated, please be advised that you must change it to:

The old IP,, is being retired since the cloud server it's on has been having some stability issues in favor of a move to a dedicated system.

How do I know if I need to change it?

Log into Admin CP, go to "System Settings -> [url=http://jcink.com/main/wiki/jfb-acp-system-settings-domain-manager]Domain Control Center[/URL] If it reads OK, then you do not need to do anything. If it says "BROKE", then you'll need to update your records. As a secondary measure, go to http://cachecheck.opendns.com/ and enter your domain name - if your domain is showing up with the old IP, you need to update.

If you need any assistance with this, please let us know.

Slow Network Speed [ Resolved ]

Mar 11 2015, 02:05 AM

We are currently having an issue with slow network speeds. I've contacted our provider and we're trying to figure out the cause of the problem.

Note that this is unrelated to the DNS issues earlier this week.

Thanks for your continued patience and support.

Domain Name Issues [Resolved]

Mar 9 2015, 05:08 AM

Very early this morning our domain name provider for jcink.com/jcink.net's domain name servers stopped responding. This occurred at around 3:30AM without any warning whatsoever or update from them.

As a result of this, with no response, and due to bad performance with them in the past couple months after over 8 years I have transferred the domain name servers away from them.

What does this mean for you? Unfortunately, domain name server changes can take as short as 15 minutes - 1 hour, all the way up to 24 hours to resolve. You will see that isup.me will show that jcink.net/.com are up and alive, but the domain name's new address is being recognized by the rest of the internet.



This entire event has been an emergency move and was not an ideal situation at all, but we had to do something to restore service. If you cannot access please reach out to me on twitter; although it will be difficult for me to help I will try and at least note the inability to access.

Currently I am aware the resolution is poor because we have only made this change 1 hour ago. I am actively monitoring this and addressing anything I can.

We sincerely apologize for this and hope to make a full service recovery soon.


Network Maintenance [completed]

Mar 1 2015, 02:25 PM

We have been notified that the datacenter where our ddos-protected network provider (blacklotus) resides needs to physically move the system from one building to another. This will cause some service interruption.

The maintenance is scheduled for Wednesday March 4th 2015 at 3:00AM EST and can last "up to" 2 hours; but should be shorter than this.

Thanks for your patience, and I'll update this when I have more information.

At this time we are waiting for the exact maintenance window in the AM hours (1am or 3am) Pacific time US and the exact day that we will be moved. This is occuring sometime next week, Monday March 2nd to Friday March 6th.

The maintenance window is up to 2 hours -- though I am told it should be much shorter (the building is pratically next door) but I'll try to minimize it as much as possible.

Network Issues (Wildcard50x, IPs)

Feb 25 2015, 12:25 PM

This morning we had a few issues with our network due to some changes made by our provider. (We were not given notice).

1. There was a hard ~4M of downtime reported earlier this morning around 6/7am EST.

2. Based on my analysis, after this event, IP addresses were showing up as all the same on some boards. Real IP address of users were not being displayed, but rather an internal IP address from our network provider (BlackLotus.net).

This issue has been resolved, however, if you see this IP in your logs or members posts, do not be alarmed.

This incident was not our fault; unfortunately I was not notified there was going to be this change...

3. Users are experiencing some 'slow' pageloads and a "WildCard50x" error. I am working with them to hopefully resolve this problem quickly.

Thanks for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience.