Allow Guests to Change Skins, and...

Nov 29 2022, 03:52 PM

Want to allow guests to change skins on your forum? You can now choose 3 different options for the skin control settings instead of a yes/no which only permitted members.

In Admin CP -> System Settings -> User Profiles -> Allow Members/Guests to choose skins?

  • (No, Skin Choice Disabled)
  • (Yes, Members Only)
  • (Yes, Members & Guests)
Guest skin changes are retained based on their browser session cookie data.

This is a minor feature addition. But with the holidays around the corner, we wanted to bring attention to it since you might be adding a holiday themed skin/template and could consider allowing guests to experience it as well.

In addition, here is a summary of other small features and bugs fixes that have been completed in the only the last few months that you may not have been aware of. Thanks to everyone who reports bugs for helping us find and fix these.

Other Changes:

  • #field-birthday added to usercp date of birth field [feature]
  • #bbcode_popup and #emoticons_popup added as <body> id for these popup windows [template]
  • Macros organized alphabetically by macro name [feature]
  • <!-- |last_poster_g_id| --> variable added to Forum Rows (ensure global prefixes/suffixes are enabled!) [feature]
  • <!-- |forum_name| --> variable in the Subforum Headers html template [feature]
  • fromCharCode stripped from templates and wrapper [bug fixed]
  • Guest user account could be deleted via 'Delete users' [bug fixed]
  • File Download Item in Store not functional [bug fixed]
  • Defunct macros were in 'required' list for imports and validation (Legacy Messenger Macros & A_MOVED_B) [bug fixed]
  • Error: Missing default system macro: SUB_SEPCHAR could be encountered with certain exports [bug fixed]
  • Store: Did not log the correct amount when finding a user [bug fixed]
  • Store: 'Message' PM was not logging contents when PM Logs turned on [bug fixed]
  • Store: Mystery Thing reported the wrong points amount won [bug fixed]
  • Store: Items will not save the 'Don't Restock' option - it automatically changes to Days. [bug fixed]
  • Keyboard-only users could not move or delete messages from the inbox due to search input issue [bug fixed]
  • Added flag option <script>var emoji_redirect = 1;</script> to redirect the quick editor if it contains special character emoji
  • Codemirror editor has been updated to 5.65.9 which included a critical fix for Chrome 105 that could cause content below the editor to not receive mouse events.