Domain Server Issue (Resolved)

Jan 15 2023, 10:42 PM

We are currently experiencing an issue with one of our servers that routes custom domain names. If you have a domain with a cert, or the domains set it to, it currently is non functional.

We have a temporary IP you can apply to your domain name (IF you cannot use cnames, which are the default recommendation) to bring it online: [removed], this will resolve your domain again. In the meantime, we're working really hard to get the primary server back online and functioning again, and we're sincerely sorry! This is a configuration problem (our mistake!) that has stalled all traffic to the server, and getting it resolved has taken much longer than expected.

We'll keep everyone up to date here and our twitter regarding progress, if we cannot resolve it by end of the night, updates will resume early morning. Very sorry about this headache and hope to resolve it ASAP.

* and * should be fully functional. 👍