Database Reboot

Jan 17 2011, 02:22 AM

We're performing a quick databse reboot to apply some new settings. The actual reboot should be quite quick but performance will be a bit slow while it "warms up."

Thanks for your patience.

Edit: Reboot is complete!


Jan 1 2011, 03:12 PM

Happy New Year to everyone.

We hope everyone gets a great start to the year and that they have a good rest of the holiday.

For us, this past year certainly had its ups and downs. Through the tough and good times though we made it another year! We did not stop growing and things continue to expand.

In the coming year we hope to be able to add more major feature releases to our software, and perhaps other services to Keep an eye out for some nice additions. We would have loved to get more done last year; but 2011 is looking good.

All the best,