IRC Chat

Feb 27 2007, 02:59 PM

This is old news, but lately the IRC has died off once again, and it never seemed to have gotten a proper announcement, so here it is for all who don't know about it. Besides, I'm sick of looking at that old news article. <_<

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It's just a chat protocol where anyone can come in and chat live.

Joining the IRC room can be done in a lot of ways:

1. With the Java Chat ( )

Visit there for the Java IRC client. You need to have Java installed to use it (obviously). Be sure to hit YES to the security message that comes up, it will not harm your computer. Just go to it and you're in.

2. On an IRC client like xChat, mIRC, etc... if you use these, you should know what to do. The address is, port 6667, room

3. On trillian

-Add a new connection

Server alias: earthblot

Then pick w/e you want for username and nickname, and user info. Add it, then use the little irc light on trillian, -> join

4. The IRC OPs (Operators, AKA Admins...) (in no particular order)


-DarkTeengeek or Teengeek


-Me (<_<)

-Irayo (Not really a room manager, but he's the earthblot owner.)

And remember to play nice, and follow all the main forum rules, too. tongue.gif


Skin Installer

Feb 10 2007, 03:06 PM

As some of you may have noticed, The new skin installer is installeduser posted image. Now, any skin that is on the JFB Skin Z0n3 can be installed on your forum in a single click. Theres a preview for each skin also.

Thanks goes to Jcink for making the script. I have compiled all the skins and put them together.

If you would like to see some installed, Please add a request at the JFB Skin Z0n3.