Wiki Re-launched.

Feb 28 2008, 04:19 AM

The wiki has been revamped completely and has been re-launched.

The wiki aims to provide up-to-date, informative content on projects and services. You will find various documentation pages, as well as explanations for commonly used terms, along with other site-related articles.

We don't plan to post documentation in the forums anymore, this is the new home for all documentation. In fact, there was very little of it here to begin with, and the wiki hopes to change that. The new wiki will be the new place to get documentation.

Unlike the last wiki, this one is a lot more integrated and easier to manage. The style is fully integrated, and it is not bloated like the past MediaWiki we had months ago. The formatting is also more advanced, as you can see the sections are laid out a lot differently.

I have removed the documentation forums from the index, though you may still get to them if you know the links for now. The wiki contains most of the documentation written by staff now, and I personally updated some of the old guides as I went along.

One thing is clear however, the wiki still does not cover many topics. Features and changes are always rapidly being made to JFB, but often times we don't write much documentation. That's why there isn't much at the moment. Writing this takes time. But there will be eventually. From now on, more content will be added to the wiki whenever a support question comes up often and it merits a wiki article or section.

We hope to allow the community to (once again) take part in editing the wiki to help provide documentation to all. At the moment, the wiki is closed except to staff to edit. We do want people to contribute, but it has to be more organized and planned if it's going to work. I will provide details at a later date. Until then though all official documentation is at your disposal.

I also want to bring to light a new support forum-only feature that integrates with the wiki. When you make a new topic in a section such as JFB support, entering keywords into the topic title may cause you to automatically be presented with pages from the wiki. For example, entering "RSS Mod help" into the topic title will bring up this page from the wiki. "Arcade games" draws documentation on the arcade module. "Domains" shows the domain manager tutorial. The list is endless. Whatever is in the wiki, if your topic title has a keyword, it may come up in search.

This feature hopes to ease many duplicate support queries and speed up user's getting an answer to their problem quicker.

Let me know any feedback you have about the wiki, or questions regarding the update.



IRC Chat Rooms

Feb 14 2008, 09:47 PM

The IRC Chat Rooms (Nightfire) section of the main site is now up under Services and Scripts.

We offer a customizable IRC chat program like you see on our forum services to be used on other websites.

It's simple to create one and use it. There are 3 codes, one to embed it directly in your site, a link for myspaces and blogs, and a popup window as well. No ads on any of the pages either, so the direct embed is nothing but a clean chat that you can customize the color.

Let us know what you think. If you are having problems getting the Java code to come up, remember that you need to click YES to accept any warnings presented to you so it can install the applet to your computer.

The chat rooms are hosted by nightfire IRC network, a reliable system for using IRC. Thanks to Sindacious for the logo!