New Default Skin

Feb 25 2009, 02:43 PM

A default skin change has been applied the forums.

As many already know, I redid the default skin to integrate our website into it recently. Thanks to the feedback here most bugs have been worked out, and the skin was generally well received, so I've decided to release it for public use. smile.gif

We hope you'll enjoy this new skin, and let me know about any other bugs you find in the skin feedback thread posted above.


Skins Online

Feb 15 2009, 10:50 AM

All skins are back online and working again. If you have any problems please let us know.

Thank you,


Skin crashes

Feb 14 2009, 05:03 PM

A few older skins in the skin importer have crashed, they have been hidden from the importer until they are fixed. The main reason is due to a server upgrade over at the images host.

So do not panic if you see the red x's. Everything should go back to normal when the host upgrades their server.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


JFB Skin Importer Manager

Revamped Moderator CP

Feb 13 2009, 02:45 PM

Today forum administrators and moderators will notice that the design and functionality of the ModCP has been completely revamped. Features have been reorganized and we believe you'll see that it makes it much easier to manage your board.


Overall Design Change

The first noticable thing is that the design itself has been overhauled. Instead of simply being presented with a series of forums, and 3 options in a small table bar, there is now an entire sidebar menu that you can use to access features, much like how the ACP has been setup for a long time in a sidebar style.

Mod CP Index Page

The ModCP index page provides a much more intutive entrance to daily moderation tasks and gives statistics. It lists pending topics, posts, members, and reports, the latest logs, warn entries, and a host of other statistics that you can interact with.

Moderation Queue Revamped

The moderation queue is entirely changed from the moderation end, but for the better. Everything is clearly seeable and can be mass managed, unlike the old design. Links to corresponding threads (or none, if the person made a new topic). Also, the manage forums section, available in the sidebar now (which is what used to be the ModCP index) now shows the queued post numbers for each forum to sort the results by. The queue also features singular post management. A textbox has been placed there to send a message directly to the member which is good for addressing post denials. Finally, this area of the ModCP has been sluggish on some larger boards. In my testing I believe I have definitely fixed the speed issues, so it should run fine on even those with greater than 1,000,000 posts.

Content is searchable, sortable, and mass-managerable, and there's more of it

This release has tried to expand upon the amount of information the ModCP can handle and manage (Mod logs, warn logs, etc). You'll see that throughout the ModCP, A search box has been added wherever possible, and the terms that a search could be conducted on have been added where I felt necessary. Mass management has been improved as well; in the manage forums area for posts, you can select and deselect all posts in one click. Please note though that moderators cannot DELETE content such as the moderator logs or warn logs, only view.

Warn System Enhancements

The warn system has had a few enhancements. Firstly, warn logs are now viewable via the ModCP, rather than being all over member's accounts. As with the other sections, they're also searchable. The warn panel via the ModCP includes a quick search for member names, and a warn panel appears next to their name in the results. This just makes it easier and quicker to go directly to the member(s) you want to warn.

Finally, the option to simply put a member into the banned group, or a different intended banned group of the admin's choice, has been added to the options in the warn panel. Moderators who have the option to suspend/ban in the ACP can now can now elect to simply send them to the banned group. This group can be designated via the ACP.

Please note that this feature is currently working based on the idea that the admin never deleted the root, and default banned group (read: deleted, not renamed or modified). If you DID in fact delete that group then you will need to reassign in the ACP under System settings > warn panel, but I believe this won't be a problem for most people at all.

Report Manager

I've heard the feedback; the little "report" button on every post that just sends a message to moderator's emails isn't comfortable, or very organized to use either. It worked, but it was one of those things that didn't work "well." That has changed. Everything is done via the board now, and everyone can manage the reported posts in a far more neat manner.

* Reports now go to all one place to view, rather than email

* You can sort reports by pending, invalid, and done (as well as mark them)

* Direct post links with names, dates, and times of reports

* Reports section usable by any mod type - filters out only they forums they can manage if they're an individual forum moderator

* Searchable - search by forum name, post id, reporter name, and IP of reporter

* You can leave a follow up message within the report itself, saying what to do/what you did/etc. This keeps other moderators and admins informed about what you're doing.

This is one of the larger new features I've added. I hope you and your moderators find it easer to manage reports now.

ModCP security question

A longtime request, you can now set a security question for the entire ModCP, just as you would the AdminCP. This is off by default but you can turn it on in security and privacy. Only the root admin #1 can set this password.

Validating Bin

You can now allow your SUPER moderators to assist with approving members in valdation. This section is disabled by default, but you can turn it on in the ACP by selecting "Admin & Super Moderator Validation."

Relevant Content based on permissions

Based on moderator permission level, the system is fine tuned to show only content relevant to them. For example, the total topics, posts, members and reports area only shows data in the forums that the member or group is allowed to manage.

Editing members

Editing members has seen minor, but useful changes. You can now modify custom profile fields, and a member's custom title via the ModCP.

There are TWO little things I've left out of this initial release that I need to note. First of all, the RSS sync option for moderators. This is a feature I need to write and test live on the actual server where all of the RSS importing files are already set up, so I do plan to do this, just not for now. Another thing that wasn't really "left out", but again, I need to see it after it goes live, are more inline queued-post views. If proper speed fixes are overall successful I can experiment with these at a later date to make notification of queued posts easier to find.

That's it for this release. Thanks for all the feedback from everyone who gave suggestions during the development period; I hope I've been able to incorporate most of the ideas you all helped in suggesting.

As always, please let me know about those "fresh-release" bugs you find in this topic here and I'll try to address them right away.