Inactivity Clearance

Mar 31 2009, 01:18 AM

We will be doing some cleaning of the forum host database for inactive forums. This is an advance notice for people to make sure to login to any extremely old boards they may have registered if they still need them. All you need to do is login to the root account of the board to preserve it, nothing more. If the board hasn't been touched for at least a year and quarter then you should log in.

I would take a moment to explain why we are doing this. In our terms of service there has always been a clause that forums inactive for 30 days can be deleted; but this has not been enforced because boards don't take up much space. The issue here is not space.

Registered boards have added a sigificant amount of files to the database. As a result, this makes doing proper backups of the system on our end more difficult and time consuming. We have noticed the last few backups took longer than projected and it was largely due to the sheer amount of files. Millions of files make up the database. This clearance is out of the interest of having easier and more speedy backups. We'll likely also be doing a RAM upgrade to the server to make things run even smoother and to complete this process faster as well.

We have been looking at sites that have not been logged into by the admin since July 2006 to Jan 08. That means nearly a year and a quarter of no activity, and most of the boards coming up haven't been used since 06 and 07, which is a long time.

Please login/save any very old sites you want that you might have registered in the past and forgot about for over a year. I'll close this topic when I decide to do the clearance soon, but I will give some time for people to save content.

If you have any questions regarding the clearance, please feel free to ask.

06-April-2009: The clearance is now taking place.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation,


DNS issues

Mar 23 2009, 07:50 PM

At this time we are experiencing issues with our domain name servers. This is an issue with our domain host and not our servers, so it is not within our control. We will update you on the situation as more information becomes available. Apologies for any inconveniences.

Please bookmark the support board URL, which is our direct IP address so you can get updates on the issue:

Note that all of the skin images and everything else will be broken as well without any domain name server to direct the traffic right, but you should be able to navigate around.