Memory Upgrade

Jun 30 2013, 10:34 PM

After evaluating performance in the last month, we've decided it's time to upgrade our server for both the short and long term. New memory has purchased with the intent to quadruple current capacity. (8GB → 32GB).

Ideally we would like to get this installed as soon as possible. Estimated delivery date for the memory is on or before July 5th, so it could come earlier. I'll have maintenance details then and will update soon. Downtime to install it should be less than an hour and would occur in the early morning AM hours.

Thanks for your patience and continued support!


SQL Errors + This Morning's Interruption

Jun 3 2013, 03:21 AM

Just wanted to inform everyone of exactly what happened this morning.

1. The server crashed and restarted itself at around 12:59 AM EDT, long story short I've identified the source of the crash. For those curious, it was simply because the server reached past 208.5 days of powered-on time, and there is a quirky bug in the operating system that caused this but it's been fixed. This won't happen again.

2. Since it crashed and powered off "suddenly", it had to recover. The system restarted by itself and brought everything up again. That took around 15-30 minutes to do so. But there were a few boards that were affected by the fact that it was powered off forcibly, giving off SQL errors. I fixed them as soon as I found out about the issue.

3. Please let me know if your board is still broken or not from the forced shut down, but note that when these issues happen, I receive logs and information about them in my email and will repair them without you having to do anything.

Thanks for your time and apologies for the inconvenience here. It was completely unexpected.