Spam in 'Guest' Forums

Jun 7 2014, 02:37 PM

It has come to our attention that some with guest-enabled forums are seeing huge waves of spam. Our own findings and logs confirm this.

Enabling guest access is *always* going to invite potential spam to a forum and is not recommended by us unless absolutely necessary.

This being said, today we have hardened the guest post form to address this problem:

1. We've added background checks to the guest post form similar to the sign-up form, as it will catch and block 50% of what I'm seeing from our testing.

2. We have blocked TinyURL from being posted by guests, because their network is also being abused. Every spam topic reported to us and ones that we're watching come in now have tinyURL in it to spread spam. TinyURL will be unblocked when they take care of abuse, and we will notify them of this abuse.

3. We have changed the captcha/security code font because it was broken by these bots. They are now failing to post unless they figure it out.

This should help to alleviate the problem. Please always be aware of the risks of enabling guest posting as no anti-spam system can guarantee 100% filtration.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.