RAM Upgraded

Jul 19 2007, 02:20 AM

The server's RAM has been upgraded from 1GB to 3GB total. This should help with performance massively.

I can already see differences in the command line for RAM usage information, it's no longer using the hard disk as memory so things should be fast.

Over the next few days however, I suspect some settings will need to be tweaked; certain parts may not be taking absolute full advantage of all the RAM, so it may need further adjustments here and there to be fully effective.

Emergency Maintenance

Jul 11 2007, 06:02 PM

The errors with "server too busy" have gotten out of control in the past 3 hours or so. The pressure is extremely great on the system now, and the RAM will not be here for a few days. Therefore in an attempt to ease it, I'm going to move database information over to the second hard drive. This requires me to turn off SQL and go down but there's no other way to do this.

I don't have a set time for this to be done, but if I see this continue for longer, I will move it. In any case, at midnight for sure I will attempt to move it over.

Happy 4th of July

Jul 4 2007, 02:42 AM

Happy 4th of July to all Jcink.com users!

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