iPBfree Refugee Offer

Jul 14 2010, 10:11 PM

This offer has now ended. 07/29/2010 - Jcink

Many people have been left without their board as our competitor iPBFree has dropped out of the competition recently due to unfortunate issues.

In light of offering people a new start on another great host, we have decided to donate former iPBFree board owners $15 dollar value worth of ad removal credits (75,000 page views) to help aid in the rebuilding new communites.

We hope that this bonus, plus the wide array of features we offer in our software will persuade you to choose Jcink.com as the new home for your community. Getting this bonus is simple.

Visit this landing page for more details:


This page contains details about how to work with ad removal credits once you get them:


-Jcink.com Staff

EDIT: I just want to add that ad removal credits are not instant. They need to be manually approved. Though we have managed to approve accounts quickly so far it may take longer during odd hours of the day. - Taylor W