JFB Signup Updates & AP

Aug 16 2008, 12:00 AM

I haven’t touched the JFB signup in quite a while now. I made a few minor changes that I can tell are making a world of difference. First off I tried to fix up the bug with some special characters not working in the admin names during signup. I think that should be alright now. Secondly, ever since I added the captcha, I’ve watched how many failures happen on that page to get signed up.

Some people make quite a few mistakes on signup all the time, only to have to go back and enter all the information again. This has been repaired. If you make a mistake, it’ll now tell you about it and keep all the information. smile.gif

As for the Air-Proxy.com updates I talked about, I think it’s pretty much done. I did this first since the active months for it will soon be here. Ever since May of this year, I stopped doing anything at all with it and it definitely collected dust. Now, it’s been all cleaned up.

* Encrypted mode with our own signed secure certificate has been made available, and more awareness and help on how to use it is up. Read more here.

* YouTube video watching has been fixed. The player bar was not working and bugged out on IE. Furthermore, you couldn’t watch any of the video’s watched today on the site via internet explorer. Now you can. Videos also download slightly faster now since an extra 5KB/sec of speed has been given per connection. The player screen has also been widened to match the current one.

* MySpace comments work now. One thing you may notice is that in the textbox, we tag a little message advertising the use AP. You can remove this message if you wish. Oh, and facebook is working better now too.

* The old broken domain names used to access it have been deleted. Every domain on the list now has been filtered out, and they all work. New submitted domains are also available. If you have any domains/subdomains you wish to donate to the project, remember, we always need as many as we can get, so please submit!

* Links to web-based MSN,AIM,Yahoo, and google talk messengers that I found appear below the address box. Hope you enjoy these.

* This isn’t a plus, but the ad layout has changed and may change again. We’re going to be toying with the Google ads on the site a little bit this year to see what works the best.

In addition, some changes have been made on the forums and how we post news. This is going to be your main place for news; in fact, http://jcink.com now draws from the blog for news rather than the forums. You can read more about it here.

That’s it for now.

Back from vacation

Aug 14 2008, 12:00 AM

I am now back from vacation and can be active on development and management of the services again. I would like to thank everyone who helped with the site while I was gone, it was all much appreciated. As a note, please give me time to go through all of my mail and private messages that were sent to me while I was away - I will eventually get to you!

On the dev side, I’m currently cooking up a few new things for Air-Proxy.com to gear it up for the coming school year, as well as cleaning the page a bit. The better macros page for Jcink Forum Boards is back on track for development too. Stay tuned for more updates.