Sep 20 2011, 05:08 AM

Today we have released a sub-accounts feature for JFB. This feature allows users to own sub-accounts under one username and seamlessly transition between them. This was a heavily requested niche feature and we hope you'll enjoy it.

The below link will give you everything you need to know in regard to setup, and use of sub-accounts.

By default sub-accounting is optional and is disabled. Like many other addons, this feature may not be suitable for all communities. You can test the feature out at and evaluate if it suits your board before you enable it. We won't be turning it on here at the support board.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the development topic and beta tested. We were definitely able to iron out a lot of issues. smile.gif

If you encounter any problems while using this feature please post a support topic and let us know. There could still be a thing or two that needs fixing.