Planned Maintenance Notice

Oct 26 2009, 03:55 AM

We will be doing some maintenance on Tuesday early morning at around 2-3AM EST. We estimate this maintenance will last around an hour or two. The server has to be off during this time, so it will be unreachable. This maintenance is partly backup related which is why the downtime is required. The work will be done as quickly as possible and during our hours of least server traffic of course.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask.

Skin Imports & More

Oct 16 2009, 03:09 PM

The import skin files feature is now officially announced and available to all. This is a new feature for Jcink Forum Boards that will change how we all manage skins on our forums for the better. What this means is that it is now easy for you to import, backup/export, and install new skin XML files or pieces of them to mix and match. There is nothing else to do - it's simply one click importing of skin files.

Click here for complete information on the new feature

Additionally, we've made some other changes along the way:

  • Behavior of saving stylsheets and wrappers has changed. No longer redirected after saving changes, making it easier to edit
  • Cleaned up some useless/bugged features from the skinning area (such as color picker, etc).
  • Removed some irrelevant data from the skin set adder.

Two "surprises" with this update also related to skinning/design:

  • You can now store 50 macro, wrapper, stylesheet, and skin sets! We've increased it by 30, so you should have plenty of room for new skins that will come about as a result of this new system.
  • The latest version of jquery is now available automatically on all boards.

I'd also like to thank everybody who helped me test it, along with Gunblaza and card123 for being some of the first to make some of their skins available on this platform. Check the skinning section for some of their work.

Enjoy the update, and let us know of any issues you may have.

Network Problems

Oct 2 2009, 03:43 PM

We are having network problems due to an internet service provider based issue that is affecting all of the New York area and parts of New Jersey. This is causing downtimes for some users. It is being addressed as we speak and should be fully functional again soon.

Some services on our systems are completely down right now, such as Air-Proxy, and others such as the forum service are slow/unreachable for people. Other services such as IRC do not appear as affected. We'll keep you updated.

Apologies for any inconveniences,