Default Style Update

Oct 9 2012, 05:08 PM

Today we've released our new default board style.

An updated version of the white red skin on the support board is now available for everyone to use on their board if they wish, and will serve as the default style that newly created boards receive when they register.

You can see it here.

The stylesheet and wrapper have been completely reorganized with every section labeled. It incorporates new features and modern elements within the service that the old base stylesheet does not.

We realize there are still many people using the basic invision 1.3 skins out there, so the default invision power board style (Named "Invision Board Default" now instead of "JFH default") has been left alone and is still included with registration of every new board. It's just not the default skin you see anymore when you register a board.

Some minor tweaks have also been applied to new board registration, and they are as follows:

  • Quick Edit enabled by default
  • 'Portal' style profiles enabled by default
  • Skin changer dropdown enabled by default
  • Custom mini profile templates enabled by default
  • Newer shoutbox style enabled by default
  • Trash can is no longer visible by everyone by default
  • A welcome topic is now posted in the test forum
  • Removed some useless log remnants that would come up

We're planning on releasing the skin in a variety of colors as well, so keep an eye out for that in the future.

If you want to install a copy of the skin to your existing forum, simply check out the skin importer and look for "Jcink Forum Hosting Default."


-JFH Staff