DNS issues

Nov 7 2014, 03:48 PM

Today during the afternoon (12PM-3:00PM EST) there were DNS (domain name server) issues with jcink.com, jcink.net, jfbs.net etc. Early morning during the AM hours, there was also sporadic intermittent DNS issues.

This lead to the following:

  • DNS Lookup failed when trying to visit a board
  • Some images not loading
  • "Not found" or server not found errors
Unfortunately, DNS is not controlled by us and isn't part of our infrastructure. We gathered information from enom and namecheap who host all of our DNS, and they acknowledged an issue with thousands domains resolving in their network.

As of 2:05 PM EST, enom confirmed the issue and stated it has been resolved. However, because of the nature of domain name servers, your ISP may not have picked up that their systems are live again. Unfortunately if you still can't access this is probably the case and you may need to reboot your computer or wait for your internet service provider to update their entries for the hosted domains.


We will consider future options for hosting our own DNS server if problems persist, but since they have been relatively reliable we are not changing at this point. Most ISP dns should be updated within an hour or so, but there are a few that lag behind.

We apologize for the inconvenience, please feel free to reach out if you're having trouble.

-John Cuppi, JFH Administrator