Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Dec 24 2007, 12:36 AM

We wish a great Christmas and Happy Holidays.

~Everyone here at

Some ACP changes

Dec 10 2007, 10:00 PM

A few small (but drastic) changes were done with the Admin CP.

The first feature is a modification enabler.

This is available in ACP >> System Settings >> Mod Enabler

You will find the ability to modify what features appear in the sidebar. This is so you can make the AdminCP more clean and easier to use for yourself. Enable only what you need, so there's no more clutter.

This also makes the CP more user friendly. The signup has been updated so that all the mods are disabled with the enabler by default. (except shoutbox)

And finally, the notepad area of the CP has changed thanks to Taylor W. The notepad is now white, with a cleaner looking table and text. To the right of the notepad, is a new feature called announcements. Here, we'll be posting news and updates, including small changes or information about network status.

Please let us know what you think of the changes, and if you find any bugs.


PHPQA 3.0.20

Dec 5 2007, 04:29 AM

Version 3.0.20 has been released.

This release addresses numerous issues, fixes, and adds some new features.

This release contains...

  • Avatar upload - members can now upload avatars.
  • Favorites - members can upload favorites.
  • v32 IbProArcade game tar import support.
  • Arcade time zone adjustable by admin in ACP.
  • Email a user when their championship of a game is defeated.
  • Guest access - guests can play games, if allowed, but can't submit scores
  • CAPTCHA CODE on signup to prevent spambots
  • Better MySQL debugging error function
  • If not installed; won't display error message, will point to installer file
  • Session security keys added to many areas requiring user action... vsess(); function added
  • Pages style is changed. No more Next page () Previous page (). Instead, it's Pages 1 2 3 4 ... >> Last
  • Email validation
  • Ban function fixed
  • Ban by email and username on signup
  • AdminCP no longer displays "idx" "editor" "addgame." Real navigation text has been added. Other areas of CP are now more clearly explained; ie badword filter.
  • Cleaned up table HTML in AdminCP and within the arcade - styles editor made a little nicer.
  • Fixed email bug with new lines on non-linux email servers
  • New default stylesheet! to match the new website. Old gray default and black default still available. Stylesheet now contains detailed information about what element controls what part of PHPQA.
  • /examples/ folder including: 3 plain examples I am asked for on how to add to a website; a display for latest champion, newest games, and newest game block.
  • Annoying login problem fixed, removed some javascript from login form.
  • Top menu no longer collapses on playing a game; an anchor brings the focus right to it instead.
---- Upgrading From... ----

Service Users: You will be upgraded to this new version in a few weeks time. For now, the service remains on 3.0.19 while any kinks in this version may need to be worked out.


Unmodified arcade download files:


Ovewrite your files with:




/examples/ (if wanted)



/useravatars/ folder in root and chmod 755

Then, login to your arcade, and go to MySQL toolbox in the admin CP

Paste this into the run query box:

ALTER TABLE `phpqa_accounts` DROP INDEX `settings`

And hit run query. Do the same again for:

ALTER TABLE `phpqa_accounts` CHANGE `settings` `settings` LONGTEXT CHARACTER SET latin1 COLLATE latin1_swedish_ci NOT NULL

You may need to modify your settings for timezone and activate features. Look in "Settings."

You should now be upgraded.


Modified arcade download files:


Now here's the bad news, that I know is going to annoy some people.

There are no instructions right now on installing this to a modified arcade. What I recommend is copying all of your changes (if there aren't many) to a notepad, install my files, then put your edits back. They should not break at all, as no core functions were really touched; things were only added to.

I apologize for not having a full upgrade path ready for heavily modified arcade users, however, there are so many little changes in this release, it was hard to keep up with everything. Time restraints prevent me from doing so at the moment.

However, almost all of the major features are commented in the source code, and nicely packed in, so you may be able to pick off what you need/want in this release.

In the coming days, I will see what I can do to provide some instruction on what has changed.

Please let me know if you experience any problems in this release by replying to this topic. And if the install goes well, feel free to post that too. Or, if you have questions regarding upgrading.

Thank you.

Download here: