HTTPS Encrypted Browsing

Mar 10 2017, 10:26 PM

Jcink Forum Hosting is now offering HTTPS "BETA" to all free and premium users via the * subdomain.

If you use HTTPS, this means all traffic between your browser and the server will be encrypted and cannot be monitored by a 3rd party. While this is not so important for browsing from your home internet connection, it is essential to be secure if you are using public wifi or a similar public internet connection.

You can start browsing our forums and site by accessing:

A full article on HTTPS has been posted here:

HTTPS is a "BETA" feature within our service and is under development.

Comments, questions, and development news regarding this feature will be posted in our dev forum topic here:

Thank your for your patience and we're looking forward to serving you with HTTPS



  1. John Says:

    Please see the following update regarding firefox: