Member List HTML Templates, Features, Bug Fixes

Apr 22 2019, 03:21 PM

Member List HTML Templates are now available service-wide. With this feature, you can fully customize the look & feel of your list. For more information regarding this, check the wiki's HTML Templates section.

Member List Template Links:

Additionally, we've completed some small but important features and especially bug fixes in the last few months. Here is a summary of the most important ones.

New Features:

  • <!-- |parent_id| --> has now been added as a wrapper variable. [feature]
  • <!-- |total_replies| --> and <!-- |total_topics| --> board stats variables [feature]
  • <!-- |starter_id| --> and <!-- |starter_name| --> were added to the topic row templates [feature]
  • <!-- |last_topic_fulltext| --> provides the untruncated text of the last posted in topic on the board index in the forum row template [feature]
  • The default member list will show group prefixes/suffixes provided they are enabled per the "board wide" setting [feature]
  • The Recent Visitors main profile JSON was finished and a guide has been written for it on [feature]
  • A link to show all webpages was added to the webpage maker near the header: Index of Page Files [ Show All ] [feature]
  • Added a whitelist to explicitly allow twitterbot for Twitter Cards [feature]
  • Field_# id elements added to the mobile profiles [feature]
  • .topic-title-space and .topic-desc classes are available in the .maintitle for the topic show view. [feature]
  • Multiple file upload selection during posting [feature]
  • Deletion of all Custom Profile Fields via Admin CP will reset the field_# counter back starting with 1, ticket is no longer required for reset. [feature]
Bug Fixes:
  • CSS truncation issue: if you hit the limit, it could silently save it and not notify that there were any problems saving the content. This would cause loss of CSS. We changed that so that an error would occur and no existing data would be silently overwritten. [bug fixed]
  • Duplicate macro names cannot be added; e.g. it's not possible to have two SIG_SEPARATOR variables. [bug fixed]
  • Adding a premium forum to a plan does not require exact casing to be correct in the name. [bug fixed]
  • ModCP reports did not always provide the correct link to a post if a report was made via mobile mode [bug fixed]
  • The 'Profile Templates' section has been removed (this does NOT mean mini profile templates have been removed! This was an old section that was deprecated and didn't work anymore.) [bug fixed]
  • The 'Share This Search' link when trying to seek topics by a single user was showing topics by all users. [bug fixed]
  • Search for topics only with the search engine returned only one result [bug fixed]
  • Enable Emoticons / Signature when editing a post was not reflected or saved (they would need to be unchecked/rechecked). [bug fixed]
  • Shoutbox avatar processing was not working with avatars over https:// [bug fixed]
  • Backticks in the doHTML tag work now [bug fixed]
As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at any time!

Best regards,

John & the JFH Team


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