PM Spammer

May 26 2019, 08:29 AM

Unfortunately, as of 6:25AM EST, a new user sent PM spam to thousands of accounts here, going to each one and sending a PM. This user has since been banned and action has been taken, we're sincerely sorry for the inconvenience here. Please do not follow the link the spammer has sent in the PM. We have censored it on the board itself.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience here and are working to ensure that this does not occur again.

The PM system here is temporarily disabled while we check some recently registered accounts.


  1. John Says:

    PMs are enabled for members here at the support board again, however, we have implemented a captcha for them.

    It is the same captcha on the registration form. How will this help, given that the spammer registered an account and passed this captcha?

    The account was registered manually by a human, with an IP an email address that was not blacklisted anywhere so it bypassed all bot checks entirely. Once login details were obtained, a bot could log in to the account and start PMing each user here and not have to deal with a captcha. Captcha requirement for every PM provides a protective barrier for this. While we did go through and found a few suspicious looking accounts (and deleted them), we decided some account removal alone is not enough.

    We believe this measure will work more adequately to avoid the PM spam incident that occurred on 5/26, while still allowing support board members to communicate when necessary. We're sincerely sorry to everyone who received a spam PM, and we do not want this to occur again. This is why we have taken careful action to prevent it going forward.

    The PM captcha feature will also be added as yes/no option under the "Security & Privacy" settings for other boards to enable, if they wish, once we implement it on mobile mode. While there are no other known similar incidents on the network that we have found, the feature is still a useful one to have available in the event of unique and rare incidents such as this.

    Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support.