Login / Cookie "Change"

Apr 29 2022, 08:00 PM

We have made a change (positive!) to the log-in and other cookies set by the support forum today. Until now, we were not setting a same-site cookie policy, but now we have. The benefit being slightly increased security, and addressing upcoming future browser updates that will need these to be set accordingly.

You should actually see no "change" at all from this; because most web browsers were already applying a default cookie policy. We followed what was already being selected as a safe default. But, in case someone does experience log-in issues, however, let me know at admin@jcink.com and you can always file a support ticket. Otherwise, this update should be zero impact.

We do intend to update the cookies service wide eventually; as we should be specifying this for all boards; not just here. An announcement will be made before that happens, but for today, this applies just to the support forum only, and you do not need to do anything.

Best regards,

John & the JFH Team


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