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Core Forum Features

These are features that are inherent to each forum. Though administrators can very easily turn them off if they need to.

How to register an account

To register:

  1. At the top of the page, just underneath the banner you will see: “Welcome Guest ( Log In | Register )” Click the “Register” button.
  2. On the page that loads, you may be asked whether your birthday was before or after a certain time. Click the option that applies to you. (This is the COPPA system, though not every forum has it enabled.)
  3. On the next page, you will be presented with a message explaining the rules and Terms of Use (in brief) of that forum. Click the checkbox and then click the “Register” button. (See Note 1.)
  4. On the next page you will be asked to enter a username, password (as well as retype the password to ensure it's as you intended to type it.) and your email address. Fill all of those in and click the submit at the bottom. (See Note 2.)
  5. Now depending on type of validation that admin has set up(See Note 3) you may have to check your email for an email from that forum. You may have to check your spam or junkmail folders as some email providers filter this as spam. It should appear in your inbox within an hour… But if it doesn't then you may be able to post on the forum to let staff know so they can handle it from there. (See Note 4.)
  6. Inside the email, you will find a link… Click it to validate your account. (Some users may need to copy the link then paste the link into their browser to make it work.)
  7. Once you account has been validated, you can begin posting or setting up your account. Welcome to the forum.

Notes -

  1. Do not check this box/register to any forum unless you agree to these rules. It is your responsibility to know what you are agreeing to and to follow the rules accordingly.
  2. Be cautious when choosing your username… Accounts that choose offensive usernames may be disabled or deleted at admin discretion.
  3. If that site has admin validation set up then you won't get an email, the admin has to manually approve your account. If that site has no validation set up then your account will be created and you'll be logged in.
  4. WARNING - if you use a disposeable 1-2 hour email account such as, you may not receive an email and some admins may not enable accounts using these type of accounts.

How to post a message

It is a fairly simple process to make a post…

  1. Locate a topic that you want to leave a reply in. (You may have to click a forum's title to enter that forum to see a list of various topics that section has already made.)
  2. Click the topic title to enter it.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  4. Click the button marked: “Reply” (or something close to it). (If you can't find the reply button, but see one marked “Closed” or something like that, then that topic isn't one you can reply in. You'll have to either start a new one or find another topic to post in.)
  5. Type your message in the box of the page that appears. (Remember to obey that forum's rules/ToS…)
  6. Below the spot where you typed the message is a button called: “Submit Post”… When you're done composing your post press that button and your post will be entered.

Your post should have been entered. Just be aware that if your connection fails or our host's server is under extremely heavy load then the post may not go through. We recommend that if you notice the forum to be exceptionally slow that you copy the post before you hit send just in case it doesn't go through. (This way you can paste a copy of the message to notepad or some other editing program to be saved so that you can upload the message later.)

How to post a topic

Making a new topic, like posting a message, is fairly simple. To post a new topic:

  1. Select a forum you want to make a topic in. (Generally each forum has a main topic/theme to it so keep topics about that theme in that section. EX- if the topic is titled: “Heavy Metal Music” then posting about flowers there isn't a good idea.)
  2. Click the forum's title to enter that forum. A list of topics will appear.
  3. Now above the list of topics will be a button named something like “Topic” or “New Topic”. Click that button.
  4. This will open a page much like the post window. The top box (“Topic Title”) is what the topic will show up as on the index or when browsing that forum. Enter a name here.
  5. You can enter an optional topic description in the second box (it'll appear underneath the topic title in the forum view).
  6. Next you can enter the message in the large post box. (Remember to keep within that forum's rules/ToS.)
  7. When you're done, click the “Post New Topic” button.

Like with entering messages, if you suspect that a post may not go through due to connection problems (either your own or JFH's) then save a copy of your post before pressing the post button.

How to use BBcode

When typing a message, there are various buttons along the top of the message window that can change the way your message is formatted. Many of these can be clicked on to insert the tags where you're typing or if you select text by clicking then dragging over text to select some, you can then wrap the tags around that text automatically and simply by clicking that BBcode's button.

Name Usage Effect
B Bold [b]text in here[/b] This makes text enclosed within it bolder
I Italic [i]text here[/i] This makes text slant to the right.
U Underline [u]text here[/u] This makes text underlined.
Font Font [font=Arial][/font]
This changes the type of font used for your message.
Size Size [size=1][/size]
This changes the size of your font, you can change the number in it to use other different sizes than what are given in the dropdown. ex- [size=4][/size].
Color Color [color=red][/color] This allows users to change the colour of the font within their posts to red, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow or grey by changing the word after the = sign. Note that it only works for those colours… other colours to not work.
http:// Link [url]some site's url here[/url]
[url=some site's url here]their name here[/url]
This allows a user to post links within their message. Clicking the button brings a popup asking for the link then the name and results in the second style of link.
IMG Image [img]url to link here[/img] This allows users to post pictures in their messages. However, many forums don't like pictures that exceed 500pixels wide since that tends to stretch forums. If it's wide, you can just use url to link to it instead.
@ Email Address [email]emailaddress-here[/email] This allows you to insert an email address into a post. Not recommended to be used though in sections where public can see given spambots can harvest these email addresses.
QUOTE Quote [quote]text[/quote]
This allows the user to show they are quoting from someone else. And with the second option, it allows them to put the name of who they're quoting in the top of it.
CODE Code [code]some computer code[/code] This allows users to post various sorts of code without the forum trying to do anything to it. This also preserves it's formatting to make it easier to read.
LIST List [list][*]text
This allows users to create formatted lists. When they click the button, it will start a popup where they can just start entering what they want on the list.

Right next to the “Submit post” button is one titled “Preview Post”. This can be useful to see what your post will look like before it's completed. This may be a good idea to use this if you use some BBcode to see what it will look like before you hit post.

Note that on an individual forum there may be more BBcodes than this given JFH allows every forum to install their own custom BBcodes. To use them you'll have to check that site's documentation or ask that site's administrator.

How do I Personal Message (PM) someone

To send a personal message (PM) to someone:

  1. Click the username of the person you want to send the message to.
  2. On their profile page, scroll down until you see the section marked: “Contact Information” on the left hand side of the page. Under that heading there, the 6th line is the personal message button. Click the part that says: “Click Here.”
  3. Then on the new page, use the box next to “Message Title” to give it a name.
  4. Then the box below “Message title”, use that to type your message in.
  5. when you are done, press the “Send Message” button to send it to the member.

Alternatively when in a topic where a member has posted, at the bottom of their post, the 2nd button (named “PM”) can be clicked to take you to the send PM page.

And yet another alternative is to:

  1. On any page, click the “My Controls” link
  2. On the left hand side of the page, under: “Messenger” click: “Compose New Message”.
  3. Enter the name(s) of the members that you want to send a personal message. (Names are Case sensitive…)
  4. Compose the message, then click “Send Message”.

If you want to see if the recipient has opened your message, check the box named: “Track This Message” just above the “Send Message button”. If you want to keep a copy of the message, then check the box above the “Track This Message” box. (A copy will be saved in your sent messages folder.) Though caution, every message you save counts against the number of messages you are allowed to have in your inbox… (The default number is 50.) If your inbox becomes filled you will be unable to receive messages until some messages have been removed.

I'm tired of <Username> sending me messages, what can I do

You can block them from sending you messages… to do this:

  1. On any page, click the “My Controls” link.
  2. On the left hand side of the page, under the heading: “Messenger” click the link marked: “My Friends/Contacts”
  3. This will open a popup. In the popup, under the heading “Add to User Lists” click the text box and enter the user's name. (It is case sensitive…)
  4. Then click the drop down menu next to the text box and select the second option: “Block User”.
  5. Click “Submit”

This user is now blocked from sending personal messages to you.

Though if a user is sending you abusive messages. Such as insulting you or continually sending you advertisements, then you should contact staff right away and let them deal with that member.

How do I appear invisible/offline

The only way to get it so you can appear offline or invisible is when you are at the log in page. Below the password entry box and the “Remember me” radial buttons will be a checkbox that says: “Don't add me to the active users list” next to it. Simply check the box to appear offline when you sign in.

To appear online to everyone again you must sign out, ensure the box is unchecked and then resign in.

NOTE: You will only appear offline to other members. Staff will still be able to see when you are online.

What is the report button? What does it do

The report button… (The first of the 4 buttons along the top of every post) is used to send a message to the staff that a post has something in it which violates the rules. It is the member's way to help the staff keep the site clean and operating well.

Caution should be taken when using this button as typically reports are treated very seriously. It is not the reply button, and should NEVER be used to reply to a topic or just send a greeting to the staff. (If you want to send a greeting to the staff, use the PM feature or the shoutbox if they have it enabled. ) The only time the report button should be invoked is if there is something offensive/problematic which the staff has missed.

If you accidentally click the button, press the back button on your browser and it will cancel the report. (If the report is cancelled, it never shows up for the staff so no one will know that the button was pressed.) Though you cannot cancel a report if you fill one out and press submit. Once submit has been pressed then it gets logged into the staff's control panel for investigation.

Note - The report button can be disabled to prevent people from repeatedly abusing it or if staff don't feel the need to have it enabled. So you may not actually see this button on some forums for those reasons.

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