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DoHTML is a feature that allows admins to use HTML in their posts along with or instead of BBcode.

Enabling doHTML

To enable doHTML, log into your ACP first and foremost (if not already done so).

First, enable it for Member Groups:

  1. Go to “Users and Groups”. (Click to open the section if not already done.)
  2. Then click “Manage User Groups”.
  3. Now click “edit” beside the user group you want to allow to use doHTML.
  4. Under the heading “Posting Permissions” look for “Can use [doHTML] tag?” and set that to “Yes”
  5. Now scroll to the bottom and click “Complete edit”
  6. You will have to repeat steps 2-5 for each group you want to be able to use doHTML.

For Existing forums:

  1. Go to “Forum Control” (Click to open the section if not already done).
  2. Next go to “Manage Forums”.
  3. Now click “Settings” beside the forum you want to enable doHTML in.
  4. Under the heading “Postable Forum Settings” set “Allow use of the [doHTML] tag?” to “Yes”.
  5. Then scroll to the bottom and click “Edit this forum”.
  6. You will have to repeat steps 2-5 for every forum you want to enable doHTML in.

When creating new forums, just set “Allow use of the [doHTML] tag?” to “Yes” when you're creating it.

Using doHTML

In order to use dohTML, you must first be in a section that allows it and using a usergroup that can post doHTML. (Attempting to post doHTML in a section that doesn't allow it or with a usergroup that isn't permitted will only result in the post not showing up properly).

In the proper forum, type:


Then place your HTML between the doHTML tags. After that feel free to edit or post as desired.


DoHTML is a rather powerful capability, one that can use used for mischief and to cause damage to a forum. (Since doHTML can easily do things that users wouldn't like… like forcing a redirect to a shock site or worse.) A single missing tag in a doHTML section can cause entire parts of pages to be sucked into them. (Thus making pages unreadable or unable to be used.)

Also be aware that combining doHTML and BBcode does not always work well. Too much combining may result in posts being completely absorbed/eaten by the BBcode parser. (If you're unsure about whether a post has too much code in it, save the post first then try it… And always encourage those who also post using doHTML to do so also.) Posts that are absorbed by the BBcode parser may not be recoverable.

Therefore, JFH staff recommends that if you absolutely must use doHTML that you limit it to only groups that you trust. Do not allow guests to post with doHTML because it can be dangerous to your forum (for reasons mentioned above).

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