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Jcink Forum Hosting: Frequently Asked Database Questions (FAQ)

I have a database from another host, can I transfer it to JFH?

This depends on the host in question…


It is possible for users of InvisionFree to transfer to JFH. The process is generally to register a new forum (if you don't already have a forum). Don't make any changes (that you want kept anyway) to your forum because they'll be overwritten when the database gets imported. Then contact Jcink (admin@jcink.com) and provide him with the database.

Warning - Transferring from InvisionFree does cost money. They (InvisionFree) charge users for each copy of the database they made. To find out how much it will cost and to acquire the database from InvisionFree you will need to submit a support ticket to them asking about back ups. Costs will range depending on the size of your forum.

Other Software

If the platform you are looking to transfer from is none of the above, it is not possible at this time for you to migrate your data here. :( You can email us at admin@jcink.com to put in a request for your interest in converting from other software.

Why can't I transfer from <Other Host>

The primary reason is that no converter for that host to Jcink Forum Hosting exists. Converters are only created based on demand.

I want to transfer to another host, can it be done?

You can get a copy of your database, however you will have to speak to the technical support for the service you desire to transfer to. Jcink does not (and cannot) offer support for those services.

For a heads up, if you are considering a transfer it is highly likely that you will “lose” some data in the conversion. These include specific features that are unique to our system, such as the store. Data that should not be lost will be the core: include posts, users, user groups and forums.

Can I use a database from 1 Jcink forum on another?


Attempting to import a database made for one forum into another is known to cause issues. Data loss and fragmentation resulting in broken and irreparable links and generally is more trouble than it is worth. It is also policy to only allow a database taken from one board to be used on that same board.

Can I download and edit my database then reupload it?


Much like attempting to import a database from one forum to another, modifying a database is known to cause problems if edited improperly. (Wrong values entered, values that exceed limits, etc…) which can compromise the integrity of not only the database of that forum, but of other user's forums too. So to ensure integrity of your data, users will not be allowed to have any/all modified databases accepted.

Why can't I upload my database by myself?

Users cannot upload the database by themselves because enabling users to access to run database queries on their own is a security risk. Therefore, for the benefit of everyone using JFH, only we can upload a database.

Can 2 Databases be merged?


Attempting to merge databases isn't possible because:

  1. the sheer amount of conflict resolution would take a long time and would be extremely difficult. (Since each database would have duplicate post ids. Depending on forum size, upwards of several thousand posts, each with different content and timestamps.)
  2. links would be broken due to importing new posts and any conflict resolution.
  3. it could cause errors in the database resulting in lost data for that forum (especially if the structures of the two databases are different) and possibly others on the service if this database were uploaded.

So database merges aren't done (even if you want to perform the merger yourself, it still wouldn't be uploaded due to the above listed reasons and these reasons.)

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