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Getting support

How can I get help quicker?

When you come to the JFH support forum for help, please supply the following information up front:

  1. The issue(s). (Try to be as clear about what is the issue up front, it can be helpful to take screenshots to show specifics for skin issues since we may use different browser/OS combo and are unaffected.)
  2. Your forum URL.
  3. A test account (if your board is offline or the issue occurs in a member only area.)

In most cases that will enable those delivering support to quickly and efficiently help you. And in majority of cases those giving support will end up asking for the url (and a test account if needed) anyway if not provided and it just delays the support process if they have to ask for that info before they can proceed.

Please don't post the CSS/wrappers only and expect those giving support to be able to fix any/all issues. Sometimes issues that occur are unique to one site or forum (possibly due to things posted in macro sets or other locations) and thusly don't carry over to other forums.

What if I don't want to give my board URL?

Unfortunately in some cases those giving support will need to have it in order to see what is going on. And in those cases there really is no getting around it in order to get support. But if you aren't ready to post the url publicly and have the board shown to everyone, then you can just ask to PM the url to the person giving you support instead. (Most people are fine with this, but it's better to ask just to be certain.)

Also, if your board is in offline mode you will likely need to provide a test account too when you PM them.

I posted first, but <user> got helped first... Why?

There are several possible reasons why another user got helped first, even though you posted your topic first. These reasons include:

  1. their question/issue is easier to solve.
  2. Your question/issue requires specialized knowledge that the user helping may not have. (Especially when it comes to Javascript coding/debugging.)
  3. Your question/issue requires more time to think through (again common when it comes to complex Javascript code issues).
  4. the person doing the helping saw their topic first (especially if it was showing on the index and they hadn't gone into the forum).

Those are the most common reasons why one topic got skipped in favour of another, but it's very difficult to know exactly why a topic was skipped.

Why do I have to wait 24 hours to bump my topic?

The primary reason is that it's unfair to other users who are there, abiding the rules, and looking to get support also.

We recognise that waiting for someone to get back to you/your topic can be difficult, but in most cases someone will. And if someone doesn't after 24 hours then bump to remind us. (We're human, we forget or miss topics sometimes or even we could be working on a solution for you but we just needed more time.)

Can you make <code> work for me?

This really depends on the code in question.

Sometimes we're able to make a code do what you want with some tweaks. Other times codes require a complete rewrite (if they're even possible to do in the first place… since some codes, especially ones designed for other forum software, don't transfer over.)

I don't know how to ... Do it for me?

Unfortunately we cannot simply do everything for those that ask for help. We are here to provide support and assistance to help (not perform all the tasks to) get your site how you want it.

We, generally, don't have time to take on these extra tasks so please don't ask or assume that we can/will do things for you.

Also, if we (or others who know how) do that task then it gives no incentive for that admin to learn how to handle things on their own and just creates a dependence on us to do everything for them. (Which ultimately only strains our time further.)

We also don't encourage this simply because it also requires handing out an account with administrator access. (And while that might be ok for dealing with JFH staff who wouldn't do anything to cause problems, but non-JFH staff members may not have issues with causing problems.)

Who are JFH staff that give support?

You can always find a current list of JFH staff here on the JFH support forum.

If a their name isn't listed there, they aren't currently staff. (If you're looking through older topics though you may see topics where members are giving support like staff… In some cases those members were staff at the time those topics were posted but have since resigned, been demoted or taken a leave of absence.)

Former staff include (but are not limited to):

Are there other places to get support?

There are many other sites around that could possibly give support…but we don't primarily reccomend those for support, for various reasons. The only other place where support will be given by the Jcink.com staff is the Resource Forum.

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