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Forum Basics

Contained here are tutorials designed for people who have never used a forum before. These tutorials are designed to show users how to accomplish basic forum capabilities.

Basic forum terminology

Core features

Additional features

These are potentially available on the forum, however they are not actually available unless an Administrator chooses to enable them.

  • How do I work the skin changer?
  • How do I change my username?


  • Can I edit a post?
  • How do I change the colour of my text?
  • What are the rules of the shoutbox?
  • Who can use the shoutbox?
  • How do I hide the shoutbox?
  • How do I enable the Auto-refresh or scrollbar?


  • How do I get to the Bank/Store?
  • How do I use the shop?
  • How do I use the bank?
  • How do I see what I currently own?
  • How do I use the items?
  • How many points do I get per <action>?

Reputation system

  • How does the reputation system work?
  • How do I rate Anonymously?
  • How do I view my detailed ratings?
  • I don't want to be a part of this rating system, can I opt out?


  • How to create a new gallery.
  • How to add files to an existing gallery?
  • How to edit an existing gallery?
  • How to edit an existing submission?
  • What types of files can be added?
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