hosts [ Wiki]

Hosts are recognized normally in this format:


For example you have use apache, who's full host looks like this,


When using a host for a ban, or something that uses a host in the command, *'s serve as wild cards, so for example if you wanted to ban user apache from your room you could do it in these ways:

  • /mode +bqIe apache!*@* (Nick based)
  • /mode +bqIe *!lolcano@* (user based)
  • /mode +bqIe *!* (Host based)

Other ways to do this would be:

  • /mode +bqIe apache!*@*
  • /mode +bqIe *a*!*l*@*.ca

modes such as:

  • /mode +bqIe apache!*@*

are more effective then nick, user, and host based modes.

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