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About the Extra-Mods

Here are several various additional modifications that have been made to JFB that grant the admins various additional features… But are not large enough that they require a whole section full of options, settings and controls to maintain the system (like the IBstore mod does…)

The Bump Mod

This modification allows admins to specify which groups are allowed to bump topics (aka make it so topics appear at the top of the forum again like they've been posted in.)

Enabling the Bump Mod

  1. Log into the ACP. (If not already done.)
  2. In the left panel, click: “System Settings”
  3. Then click: ” Topics, Posts & Polls”
  4. In the right panel, near the top you should see: “Allow users to bump topics?”. Change this to “Yes”
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click: “Submit changes”
  6. In the left panel, click: “Users and Groups”
  7. Then click: “Manage User Groups”
  8. In the right panel, you'll see a list of member groups you can edit. Select one by pressing: “Edit Group”
  9. In the page that loads, at the bottom of the the heading “Global Permissions”, change: “Can bump others' posts?” to “Yes”
  10. Then change the option above 9, “Minimum time between bumps” to a number greater than 0.
  11. Finally scroll down to the bottom of the page and click: “Complete edit”

The Trashcan Mod

What is the trashcan mod? This mod was created to prevent posts from ever being lost. Normally when an admin/moderator deletes a topic or post that post is gone for good. However the trashcan mod changes that. Instead of the post/topic being lost, it is simply sent to a separate forum.


  • This affects all usergroups with the option to delete their own posts.(Formerly only staff could use this mod. This has since been fixed.)
  • As long as the trashcan mod is enabled… no one can delete any posts at all with conventional deletion methods. Even if they attempt to delete them from within the designated “trashcan” forum itself. The topic will simply remain in the trashcan forum.
  • This mod starts off enabled.

To modify it:

  1. Log into the ACP
  2. On the left panel, Click: “System Settings”
  3. Then click: “Topics, Posts & Polls”
  4. In the right hand panel, scroll down until at the very bottom you see the heading “Trashcan”.
    1. To turn it off, simply click the “No” button beside “Enable the trashcan?”
    2. To alter which forum it uses as the trash, use the dropdown menu to select the new location.
  5. When done, click: “Submit changes” at the bottom of the page.

The inline PM Mod

The inline PM mod makes it so that when a user recieves a PM on the forum, instead of having to go to their PM inbox to read it, the whole PM appears directly on the forum itself (Though it is only visible to the user who recieved it.)

Enable Inline PMs

  1. Log into the ACP. (If not already done.)
  2. In the left panel, click: “System Settings”
  3. Then click: “General Configuration”.
  4. Now in the right panel, scroll down to “Personal Messenger”, look for: “Enable inline PM?” change this to “Yes”
  5. Click submit changes.
  6. Now, on the left panel, click: “Skins & Templates”
  7. Then click: “Board Wrappers”
  8. Now, in the right panel again, click “Edit” beside the skin you want to enable inline PMs for,
  9. Inside the wrapper, insert “<% PM %>” (without the quotation marks) somewhere. (My personal recommendation is above “<% BOARD %>” but below the “<% NAVIGATION %>”.)
  10. Now at the bottom of the page, click: “Save changes”
  11. Now repeat steps 8-10 for each skin you want to use the inline PM feature.

NOTE- With the inline PM enabled, but the “<% PM %>” not set on a skin, members won’t receive a pop up notification that they received a message as well the forum will not show they received a new message at all. (It will show 0 new messages.)

The Social Bookmarking Mod

The social bookmarking mod allows the admin to determine which social networking sites have their buttons displayed so users can easily share their favourite topics on the forum to their friends on those social networkins sites.

Setting up Social Bookmarking

  1. Log into the ACP. (If not already done.)
  2. In the left panel, click: “System Settings”
  3. Then click: “Topics, Posts & Polls”.
  4. Now in the right panel, beside the heading: “Bookmark/share buttons to enable?” select which social networking sites you want to allow. (EX- if you want Twitter and Facebook just click Twitter then hold the ctrl button on your keyboard and click Facebook. You can do this for as many as you’d like. If you’d like them all available then click on the first one, hold shift and click the last one, all of them will be selected.)
  5. Now click “Submit changes” and you’ll see the social bookmarking options displayed at the bottom of every thread.


  • This option is a global on or off, at this time you cannot turn it on for some forums but not others. So take that in to consideration when deciding to turn it on.

Also, if you do enable it, threads that get bookmarked this way that are not viewable to the guests will be unable to be accessed by guests.

The Auto-Welcome Bot

What is the welcoming bot? The welcoming bot is a useful mod that allows the forum to send a message to the PM of a newly joined member or to create a welcome topic for them in a designated area.

Enable Auto-Welcome PM

  1. Log into the ACP
  2. On the left menu, click: “System Settings”
  3. Then click: “Welcome Messages”
  4. In the right panel, look for: “Member ID the Auto PM is coming from”. This is the member who's account the PM is going to appear to be coming from. You can use an admin's account or if you want you can use the pre-register to create an account specifically to welcome people. Though which ever you decide, you have to enter the account number in the box for this option. To find the ID, you can look at the member list (<yoursite>.b1.jcink.com/index.php?act=Members) and hover over the name, it'll say: “showuser=” and that's the number you want.
  5. Then look for: “Auto PM subject”. This is the titled of the PM they're going to get so enter what you want for a name here. You can also use {username} to have the forum put their name in the subject. EX- Welcome User
  6. Then look for: “Auto PM text”. This is the message they're going to get. So be sure to fill this out. A good idea is to include links to the rules, FAQ, admin's accounts in case they have questions.
  7. Finally, after the above settings are configured, now it's time to enable the mod… Look for “Enable Auto PM mod?” at the top of the page and change it to “Yes”.
  8. If you're done, click “Submit Changes” at the bottom of the page to enable the bot.

Note - Even if you don't enable the mod but still type up the welcome PM subject and text, they'll still save when you click submit changes. This can be useful if you're drafting up the message you want to send.

Enable Auto-Welcome Topic

  1. Log into the ACP
  2. On the left menu, click: “System Settings”
  3. Then click: “Welcome Messages”
  4. Look for “Member ID the Welcome Bot is coming from”. Enter the user number you want to show as making the topic. It's sometimes a good idea for this one to have a separate account specifically for the bot to post with so it doesn't drive your post count up.
  5. Fill out the “Member name the Welcome Bot is coming from” with the account name that matches the member ID from step 4.
  6. For this step, open the forum up and locate the section where you want the bot to post in… Check the url for that forum and you should see: “showforum=” at the end of the url. Grab this number and put it in the box beside: “Forum ID the Welcome Bot posts in?” (This tells the bot where it's posting in.)
  7. Now use the: “Welcome Bot new topic subject” to give the welcome topic a title. Like the PM title, you can use {username} to specifically identify the member.
  8. (Optional) if you like you can enter a topic description with the: “Welcome Bot new topic description” box.
  9. Now it's time to compose the post you want to display for the member in the: “Welcome Bot text” box. HTML, BBcode and emoticons all work in the box here. And like the titles, you can use {username} to specifically identify the member.
  10. Finally, when you're done, click: “Submit Changes” at the bottom of the page to enable the welcome bot.
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