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The IbProArcade system delivers the ability to provide free flash games to your site members. They're not just playing them either; they're competing against each other for the high score. With the arcade you get a few classic titles that come with it that were developed by neave.com, but it is possible to add more games.

Start Adding Games

Adding new games is simple. There are some details you need to understand, however. Please read all the information below slowly and carefully.

AdminCPArcadeAdd Games

Brings up a form to add games.

Where to get games

Games that support the arcade query method can be found on various sites. On such website that you can use to get free flash games for your arcade is:


To be clear; these games are 3rd Party. There are thousands of games, but use them at your own risk. JFB does not endorse, nor can guarantee the validity of any particular resource to get games.

.tar file games

Games for IbProArcade are packed in *.tar files containing the swf file, a php file with information about the game, and the game images. An example tar file for you to try your hand at adding a game is available below. You'll need Winrar ( http://www.rarlab.com/ ) or a free program to unzip the tar file contents.



The game will be in .tar format. You will need http://winrar.com WINRAR if you don't already have it to unzip the files. Inside, you SHOULD find only 4 files:


Unpack them to a folder. Now use a host like http://ripway.com to upload the files.

You will need to sign up for a free account there to start uploading. You may use other file hosts, but this is the only free one we know of right now which supports this. Once you do…

Copy the links from the file host into the Add Games page in the AdminCP where it says:

Game SWF url
Game GIF url

Game Information

How do you get the gname, the height, and width? Well, inside the tar file is the gamename.php file. In our example, it looks something like this:

// This file ( thebattlesm.php ) & Tar archive ( game_thebattlesm.tar ) was created automatically using code written by Cyber, http://ipbgamers.com
$config = array(

gname    	=>  "thebattlesm",
gtitle    =>  	"1992",
bgcolor    =>  	"000000",
gwidth    =>  	"550",
gheight    =>  "400",
active    =>  	"1",
gcat    	=>  "1",
highscore_type  =>  "high",

//optional leave blank if not using
gwords    =>  	"A basic remake of that old classic 1942",
object    =>  	"Good Luck!",
gkeys    	=>  	"in game!",


From there, we can see that gname for this test file is “thebattlesm”. The game title is 1992. gwidth and gheight, show us the game height. The words give the description and the objective. Pretty much the names in this file are all logically named so you can plug them into the add game area.

Repeat this process for other games. As a note, if you see more than 4 files, or a gamedata folder in it, the game can't be added because it is a newer 3.0 game.

Where to get *.tar file games

The website below provides many games in *.tar file format:


Visit the arcade, download center, or whatever is there and download the games you want.

These games are 3rd Party. There are thousands of games, but use them at your own risk. JFB does not endorse, nor can guarantee the validity of any particular resource to get games.

API for adding games

You can quickly add games via a method called 'Arcade Queries.' What is an arcade query? It is a single block of text that contains game information that allows you to add games in one click. The games are generally pre-hosted and pre-prepared for you and there is nothing else for you to do. You can use an arcade API query to build your own easy game links or share them with others.


An example of an arcade query for Asteroids looks like this:

(Asteroids,asteroids,http://b1.jcink.com/boardservice/arcade/images/asteroids1.gif,http://b1.jcink.com/boardservice/arcade/asteroids.swf,Tetris game.,550,400,Classic asteroids,no,Arrow keys to move around.)
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