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====== JFH >> General Use >> Delete Board ====== ====== JFH >> General Use >> Delete Board ======
-You may want to delete your board from the server for many reasons. +You may want to delete your board from the server for many reasons. You can delete all of your board's content by removing all members, all posts, and all other data via Admin CP and Mod CP. Afterward, simply turn the board into "Offline" mode via the Admin CP's Board on/off section. The board will eventually be deleted in future inactivity clearances as long as you never log into it.
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-The simple answer is: **you can't**. Boards themselves cannot be erased from the server by you. There is really no reason to completely delete a board from the server, and we'll explain why and provide an alternative below. +
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-==== Why ==== +
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-The reasons are pretty much the same as to why you __[[http://jcink.com/main/wiki/doku.php?id=jfb-generaluse-change-board-name|cannot change your board name.]]__ We do realize many people wish to delete their forums to help us save space - we thank you for the consideration, however, most boards take up very little space on the server, so we do not mind your board hanging around. +
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-==== Alternatives ==== +
-Simply turn the board into "Offline" mode via the Admin CP. You don't **need** to delete your board to shut it down because of this feature. +
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-This completely shuts down the entire forum, and this is how you should close down your site if you are truly done with it. Offline mode does not delete the forum - it just puts it to "sleep." No one can access it except administrators such as you, and others you have granted to view the board in offline mode. In fact, if you change your mind, you can simply turn it back online again one day.  +
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-To turn a board offline, go to **Admin CP -> System Settings -> Board On/Off**+
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