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What is a multi-mod?

A multi-mod is powerful option that lets you combine several frequently carried out moderation actions into a single action that can be executed with only a few clicks. This makes them extremely convenient for a variety of functions. For example on the Jcink Support forum, the Topic Solved multi mod:

  • Closes the topic (to prevent new replies).
  • Adds [Solved] to the end of the topic title so at a glance people can tell it's solved.
  • Adds the reply: “Thank you for choosing Jcink Forum Boards.”

Create a multi-mod

  1. Log into the ACP.
  2. In the left panel, click: “Forum Control”.
  3. Then click: “Topic Multi-Moderation”.
  4. In the right panel, it will display a list of any multi-mods you have set up already. At the bottom, click: “Add new”.
  5. First we name the multi-mod. Preferably call it something unique and memorable so you'll know what it does when you go to use it. (EX- Close & Pin.)
  6. Now in the “Active in Forums…” box choose the forums that you want to have it work in. (You only need to select the first level one, not any sub forums, as it'll automatically work in them simply by selecting the top level forum.)See Notes 1 and 2 for more info.
  7. In the next boxes “Add to START of topic title?” and “Add to END of topic title?” you have the option to place a custom HTML there, by doing so when you use this mod on a topic these HTML effects will get applied. (EX- if you add <b> in the first box and </b> in the second box, then it will make the topic title bolded when you use the mod. You can also use this method to apply custom images or words like: “Moved” )
  8. In the next drop down, “Alter topic state?” you choose whether the topic gets opened, closed or left to it's current state. (Which is useful if you want to close a topic when the mod in question gets applied. Such as for archived support questions.)
  9. In the “Alter pinned state?” you select whether or not you want the topic to be pinned in new/current location or not. (This is particularly useful for making rule related topics, especially in conjunction with the close topic option.)
  10. In the “Move topic?” dropdown, you can select where to move a topic to if you want to. (This is particularly useful if you want a topic to be moved to a new forum, such as if a character application has been accepted it gets moved to the new home with the application of a single mod.)
  11. In the “Add a reply to the topic?” box you are given the option to write a reply that gets posted when you apply the mod. (This is useful if you want to leave a reply like on the Support forum when a topic is solved.) You also have the option whether or not you want to have the user of the mod's post count increase or not. And you can also turn this reply off if you not longer want to use it by editing the multi-mod.
  12. Finally, when you've got everything to your liking, you click the: “Add New Multi-Moderation” button and your new multi-mod is ready to be used.


  1. Reminder - To select multiple forums in the “Active in Forums…” part, click the first one you want then hold the CTRL key then click any others you want. (If you want them all, click the first forum's name then hold shift and click the last listed forum.)
  2. When you select which forums the multi-mod is active in, If you later create more forums… The multi-mod will not be active in them unless you re-edit the multi-mod and select these new forums too.

How to use a Multimod

When viewing the forum

  1. From the forum view, (the url bar showing “showforum=#”), look to the far right of the table where the topics are listed. The very last cell will be a check box. Tick the check boxes for the relevant topics you want to move.
  2. Now, at the bottom of the page on the right, you will see a dropdown menu with ” » Topic Moderation Options « ”, from that select the multi-mod that you want to apply to those topics (the exact name will vary depending on what you called it when setting it up, thus why it is important to use memorable/descriptive names)..
  3. Then beside the dropdown, click the button “With Selected (#)” (Note - The number will change depending on how many topics are selected.)

When viewing the topic

  1. Click into the topic you want to apply the multi-mod to.
  2. At the bottom (on the left), there will be a drop down menu with the default being “Moderation options”, from this menu, choose the multi-mod that you want to apply to it (the exact name will vary depending on what you called it when setting it up, thus why it is important to use memorable/descriptive names).
  3. Then click the “Go” button next to the drop down. The multi-mod (and the chosen effects) will then be applied.
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