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The board wrappers section of JFH is the primary place you can customize the HTML, and add custom codes to the board. Our wrappers are kept all in one area for you to have greater customization.

If you require a copy of the default board wrapper, it is located here

Board Wrappers

Here is a copy of the board wrappers showing where the header and footer sections are. Along with several of the additional features in place.

<!DOCTYPE html>
	<title><% TITLE %></title> 
	<% CSS %> 
	<div id="wrapper">
	    <div id="logo">
		<a href="index.php"><{LOGO}></a>
		<div id="searchbar">
		    <div class="search-container">
			<form action="index.php?act=Search&amp;CODE=01" method="post">
				<input type="hidden" name="forums" value="all">
				<input type="text" name="keywords" class="search-input" onfocus="this.value=''" value="Search...">
				<input type="submit" class="search-button">
	    <% BOARD HEADER %>
	    <div id="innerwrapper"> 
	    	<div id="navi">
		    <% NAVIGATION %>
	    	<% DSHOUTBOX %> 
	    	<% BOARD %> 
	    	<div id="skin_selector">
	    	    <% SKIN_SELECTOR %>
	    	<% COPYRIGHT %>
	    	<script>$('#logo a img[src="style_images/1/spacer.gif"]').replaceWith('<!-- |board_name| -->');</script>

Basic Wrapper bits

<% TITLE %> The title of the board as grabbed from “General settings.”
Typically this is left alone in the <title> tag of the wrapper
<% GENERATOR %> This contained several, now removed, functions from the original code
It is no longer necessary and can be safely removed.
<% CSS %> Without this tag your skin will not work.
<% JAVASCRIPT %> The <% JAVASCRIPT %> tag is vital to use Jquery and Javascript.
(Removing it may inhibit some default functions on the forum… Like the skin changer or category collapse button.)
<% BOARD HEADER %> This is the header of the board. It contains:
the navigation, the logo, the menu, the ads and everything else you see in the “head” or header of the page.
<% NAVIGATION %> The navigation links that you see while viewing, such as, for example:
“Your forums » A forum » Viewing a topic.”
<% PM %> Displays new Personal Messages at the top of the forum when recieved.
Requires Inline PMs to be enabled. See here for setup info.
<% DSHOUTBOX %> The shoutbox, IF enabled for global viewing in wrappers, will appear.
You should delete this bit if you are not using it.
<% BOARD %> The entire board area itself, the categories and forums, in between the navigation and the copyright area.
<% STATS %> This is for debug information at the bottom of the board, such as:
[ Script Execution time: 0.1234 ] [ 17 queries used ] [ GZIP Disabled ] [ Server Load: 3.32 ]
but you need to have this (and the relevant options) to see/use the skin chooser.
<% SKIN_SELECTOR %> The skin selector code alone (does not display any stats).
Requires that users be allowed to switch skins and that “Show skin dropdown?” (in CPU saving) is allowed
Do not use with the <% STATS %>, it will not work.
<% AFFS %> This is the global affiliates bar.
It requires affiliates mod enabled, the global affiliate bar enabled and atleast 1 affiliate banner before it will display.
For more info see here
<% COPYRIGHT %> The board copyright.
When people reference footers for codes, BELOW the copyright is considered the footers.

Global Variables

These are more advanced wrapper bits that coders can use to make their work easier or add various interesting additions to their forums. Variables below can be called as such and are pulled from the board itself. You can read more about these here

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