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Jcink Forum Hosting - Skinning - CSS Guide

The administration control panel or, AdminCP is the primary area in Jcink Forum Hosting where all important forum tasks are done. Below shows sections of the AdminCP which you may be able to find documentation on by clicking. Each block, or section of the ACP is shown below.


This guide is designed to give you an at-a-glance view of the names of the CSS entries that are used around a lot of locations on the board. Is basically a series of annotated images of the different sections of the board, to help you easily identify what CSS entry to change when customising the board colour scheme.

Just click on the thumbnail of the section you would like to find out about to be given an overview. If you hover over the image, a short description of the section will be displayed to help figure out which image you may need to view full size.

There are two different colour labels: Green Arrows show CSS entries that affect font appearance only - Red Arrows show CSS entries that also affect the background/table appearance.

Table borders around all parts of the board are governed by the plainborder and tableborder CSS entries.

Jcink specific CSS Guide

The CSS guide images below were created specifically for Jcink Forum Hosting. They contain classes and/or sections/features that just aren't available in other IPB based hosts. (Hover over the image to see a brief description of the image.)

CSS Images
Board Index - Top
Board Index - Bottom
Personal Portal Profiles
Topic View
New Post/Topic
Last Replies
(from New Post window)
Global Shoutbox - Old
Global Shoutbox - New
Personal Message
Forum Rules/Sub-forums

Legacy Invision Power Skin

This CSS guide is for the old Invision Power Board default skin in case users want to use it as a base for skin development instead of the newer JFH default.

CSS Images
Board index - Top
(header and forums)
Board index - Bottom
(board stats area)
Personal Portal profiles
Topic view
Global shoutbox - Old
Global shoutbox - New
Personal Message

IPB 1.3 CSS Guide

CSS Images
 Board part 1  Board part 2 - The statistics section  The Calendar, main view
 The Calendar - posted events  Forums - Inside a specific forum  The members list
 The Personal Message page  Who's online page  The Card/Photo
 Post - The post window  Profile View - Old style  The search page
 Topic - Inside a topic  Topic 2 - At the very bottom of the topic  The User Control Panel

NOTE - The above images were originally created by IPBwiki.com. The are not the creation of Jcink Forum Hosting, nor does Jcink Forum Hosting claim ownership to them in any way, shape or form. They are hosted here purely for convenience. We recommend using the newer guides available on this page.

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